Posted by: Tricia | Monday, June 11, 2007


I just solved a major problem I’ve had for quite a while now, and it feels so good! The DVD-ROM drive on my young computer has not been working for the past month or so. As far as I could tell, the actual hardware is completely fine, but there’s been something wrong with the driver to where the computer didn’t know the drive was there. I figured out how to uninstall and reinstall the driver, and as my computer was rebooting, I’d get a message saying the driver didn’t install properly. ARGH. So I’ve been counting on having to ship it off to get it repaired, given that it’s still a very new machine and under manufacturer’s warranty. So today I decided to give the tech chat support another shot. And the guy, Juan, gave me a link to a webpage that described my exact problem, then a list of 18 easy steps to correct it. So within five minutes, my computer restarted, and lo and behold, there’s my DVD-ROM drive listed in My Computer!

While I rarely use the DVD-ROM drive, I have been wanting to import some CD’s to my iTunes to put on my iPod, and haven’t been able to do so. Also, RK’s computer (one of our old, antiquated, primitive ones from years gone by) won’t even turn on for some reason. When he purchased The Sims Deluxe, he had to install it on the desktop computer that I was using before I bought this laptop. The video card is going out on it, and besides, I hate making him sit in there and have to deal with the mountain of paper junk on the computer desk. (And getting it all sorted, filed, and cleaned up is a major project at this point, and frankly, very low on my list of priorities.) So now the RK can install the game on this computer and can play it wherever he wants. The only thing is he’ll have to start all over, given that I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to get his saved game moved from one computer to another. Quickly and easily, anyway. And he’ll have to share the computer with me, unfortunately.

And I must give a shout-out to the Tech Support on the Sony VAIO website. It was a live chat session with one of their consultants, and when I logged on, I had to wait a matter of mere seconds before my consultant was in the chat room with me. He asked me a couple of questions, then up popped that link that solved my problem straightaway. What up, Juan?


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