Posted by: Tricia | Monday, June 11, 2007


And thus concludes the first weekday of summer vacation.


I feel like I just got done cleaning out my locker, throwing away all my old papers, folders, etc., turning in my textbooks…

But wait…I’m 34!

I have a tendency to throw out the rules when this time of year rolls around. Or at least set them just out of reach. On boring ol’ nights like tonight, I think I’m gonna try to get the RK into bed at least by 10:00. But there’s always the option of him watching a movie, especially if it’s a night where he gets to sleep in my bed. It doesn’t matter…it’s summer!

I didn’t get the IB to bed until after 9:00. I didn’t put him down for his second nap until 5:00, and didn’t get him up until 7:00. So right there I knew he wasn’t going to bed at 8:00.

After dinner, we all went on a walk around our neighborhood. And of course, I ran into people to chat with. Not until towards the end, though. By the time we got home, it was pushing 9:00, and since I had sprayed bug spray on the IB, I wanted to give him a bath before I put him to bed. So actually, it was probably 9:30 by the time he went down. But that’s OK…it’s summer!

The RK and I had the best dinner tonight. A while back, I clipped a Campbell’s Soup recipe out of a magazine, and tonight ended up being the night to try it out. Nothing fancy…one of those chicken and rice conglomerations. The two of us thoroughly enjoyed it, and we decided it must go into my dinner rotation. Again…it’s nothing gourmet, or even slightly difficult, but it definitely falls into the category of comfort food. And fresh steamed asparagus to go with it…yum.

I don’t exactly know what to do with myself tonight. Now that the TV season is over, my schedule’s a bit wide open. Maybe I’ll go grab my iPod and park my butt in the garage or on the porch for a while. But not until I finally import some CD’s onto it!

I really wish I was talking with The Guy right now. I’m starting to realize that striking up a relationship is going to be quite difficult, and that bums me out bigtime. I’m really confused about how I want to handle this with my kids. Ideally, I’d like for them (and by ‘them,’ I basically mean the RK since IB is oblivious…but still…) to not even know he exists until I can be for sure it’s going somewhere. But with my current parental arrangement, that being I have the kids all the time, this seems near impossible. I’ve thought about doing the ‘host-a-bbq’ thing, and that way The Guy won’t stand out as anyone special with others around. And that’s still a possibility on the weekends he has his own kids. But really, what I want is a big, huge chunk of one-on-one time where we can just pick each other’s brains ’til we’re blue in the face.

We have been chatting on the phone…30 minutes yesterday, and a couple of other times over the weekend, but those times not for as long, and it’s going so well. I remember last night when we hung up, I felt a little disappointed that I’d have to wait a long time to talk with him again. I couldn’t anticipate another call for quite a while. And one of the last things he said to me was, “OK then…I’ll call you again. It is alright if I call you, isn’t it?” I told him absolutely. So I’ve been hoping to hear my phone ring tonight. And I’m such a wuss. I’m so afraid of calling him and waking him up, or whatever. So here I am sitting at this dumb computer. Making the likelihood of my calling him tonight dimmer and dimmer.

Another thought I’ve had is I wonder if he’d be willing to just pop over and hang out in my garage with me some night after I’ve gotten the kids to bed. But I can see that going way too late, and he’d feel like crap the next day at work because of me.

Ya know what I thought of for our perfect first date? A Tigers game. That would be so cool.

I’m still standing firm about the IH not doing his parenting time with the homewrecking ho-bag and her kids. It doesn’t look I’ll win, but I’m still trying to appeal to his better judgment that it would be nothing but harmful to the RK. And he’s really proving why I have every right to call him ‘idiot.’ He freely admits he just doesn’t get that. I told him that’s where a conscience would come in handy. I’ve got so much more to talk about regarding him and what transpired over th weekend…but I’m saving it for a future post.

I’d rather think and talk about The Guy.

Anyway, my point of that last paragraph was that I am starting to cave a nanometer on this position. Now that I have a potential dating opportunity, it sure would be nice to have every other weekend to myself. But I’m not going to be selfish like the IH…my kids’ wellbeing comes first, and if that makes it too difficult for this to work with The Guy, then so be it. Hopefully we’ll end up being so into each other that it’ll be worth the trouble.

Only time will tell…



  1. Hi, i´m from Spain and i don´t know how i found your blog but i like it!!
    I hope you are OK, Take care and sorry 4 my english

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