Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Wednesday

I’m finally getting some issues taken care of today. I’ve already gone through all of the retainer I paid my lawyer when I filed for divorce, so I have a call into her to figure out what she needs to proceed with my case. I also put a call into the homeowner’s association about renting our little clubhouse for the RK’s birthday party, and started formulating a guest list. Most of the people we want to invite are from the neighborhood, so that’s easy.

SH never came over last night, and so far today I haven’t gotten any response from the email I sent her. I hope our friendship is able to move past this.

But I must get something off my chest. And this is the best way to do it, so bear with me! It just seems to me that this whole uncomfortable, angst-ridden situation could’ve been completely avoided if she had just said something to me right there on the spot, instead of storming off without a word of explanation! If she had done so, I would’ve made my apologies right away, and eagerly sat and listened to whatever it was she wanted to talk about. End of story. And also, I have a feeling that the blog post she made last night she only gave access to me to see it. I can’t exactly see her posting something like that for everyone on her friends list to see, so it was just aimed at me. I could be wrong, though. I just wish she understood that she can be more direct with me, instead of dancing around me like this. But on the timeline of life, this friendship is still quite new, and hopefully this is just one of those times when we end up learning a little more about the other and it ultimately strengthens our friendship. Only time will tell…

So I haven’t heard from The Guy in a week. I’ve pretty much written it off. I did, however (and I don’t know how smart I was in doing this), send him an email just saying thanks for what he’s done for my mood and outlook, and that I can take the hint that he doesn’t want to pursue this any further. I said I was disappointed, but that I also realize the odds of anything serious developing were slim to none since I’m lugging around a ton of baggage. I mentioned how he’s been sort of my ‘guinea pig,’ now that I’m entering back into a world I never thought I would. And frankly, that’s a lot to ask of someone! So I wished him well, and signed it ‘your friend.’ It just seemed kinda weird to me to just leave it so open-ended, so I just wanted to put a conclusion to this story. There it is. I have to admit, though, I’m still holding out a little hope that he’ll call me saying he’s been out of town or something, and that I got it all wrong. Bummer, but no big deal if this doesn’t actually happen.

I’m not feeling quite right today. I really hope I’m not getting sick, because I have WAY too much going on right now to not have the energy to get it all taken care of.

I noticed on the calendar that tomorrow is the first day of summer! Yay! One thing I love about Michigan is how the lengthening and shortening of the days is much more exaggerated than in Texas, given we’re so much further north. According to the The Weather Channel website for my area, sunset tonight is at 9:16 PM, which as I write this is only one minute away. Which means there will still be quite bit of visible daylight at 10:00. That’s so cool. I hate not feeling up to speed today, or else I’d be outside enjoying the late daylight. Argh.

So that’s it for me today. I think I’m gonna go to bed early.


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