Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My version of Tuesday

One little bit of more depressing divorce shit, and then I’ll move on. I’m still tied up in knots about this whole parenting time thing. For my kids’ sakes, I hope the IH is right, and I’m wrong. I’m dreading this settlement hearing on Thursday, and I have a feeling I’ll be sitting out in front of the courthouse puffing away on my little cancer sticks as long as I possibly can before having to go in.

I absolutely hate that man for what he’s done to this family.

OK, that’s all. At least for this post.

I miss my beautiful lawn of last year. Brand new sod looks so good, and now that it’s a year old, I’m having the worst time getting it nice and green and lush. One thing I am glad about is that we had a second water meter installed last year, so we’re not paying for sewage for the water we use outside of the house. But getting out to water is often very time-consuming. Getting those little sprinklers placed and aimed right can be a pain in the ass. I watered some last night, and I’m gonna try to go douse the yard again tonight. The lawnmower needs to be fired up again as well.

Yeehaw! Wimbledon has started! Or to really embrace the culture, “Jolly good!” So for the next two weeks, my TV will have nothing but glorious grass court tennis on it. Much to the RK’s dismay. Eh…he’s got the TV in the loft. Tennis just doesn’t seem to be as exciting now that Andre Agassi’s gone. Heck, I’m still missing Pete Sampras. I’ll still watch though, and keep hoping the US will have a couple of their up-and-coming players fill these men’s ginormous tennis shoes.

Wow, the IB’s taking a good nap today! It’s almost 4:00 right now, and he’s been down since around 1:00. Well, I guess our little foray to the pool this morning can explain that. Man, that water felt so good. We’re heading out again in a little while to get more stuff for the birthday party. (I say “again” because we went out yesterday and hit the dollar store and the party supply store to get a jump on the supplies.) Gotta hit Sam’s, ‘cuz the IB is almost out of formula. Then might go scope out the GFS to get an idea of what kind of munchies to have at the party. I’ve never been in there, and I hear it’s wonderful.

Speaking of the IB…he has a new trick! He waves. Just his four little fingers, on both hands. I’ll tell him to wave, and he waves both hands! SO PRECIOUS! And he finally started crawling, and is into everything. I can’t keep my CD’s stacked in the shelf anymore…he loves pulling them out. And suppertime is always fun…I have to use two spoons. One for me and one for him. Sometimes two for him and none for me. Food very often winds up in his hair and other interesting places. He is such a happy kid, though. He adds so much joy to this house, and I’m so glad he’s here.

Uh oh…sounds like he’s awake! I can hear him kicking the rails of his crib through the ceiling. Sweet thing…



  1. IB and RK sound cute! Post pix!!!
    Have to fly to Houston manana, and San Antonio Thursday, but I’ll be praying for ya!

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