Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, June 28, 2007

Convoy in my back yard

Another night. My precious babies are all tucked into their cozy beddy-byes…well, they’re not tucked in, because it’s so damn hot up there they’re sleeping under no covers. Can’t open the windows because our house is right next to a major road. And due to construction down the road at our interstate on/off ramps, where there are also three, yes count ’em THREE truck stops, those big rigs are now making their detours at all hours of the night right under my babies’ windows. Damn jake brakes…

The truck stop thing is actually kinda nice. The gas there is usually $0.20/gal. cheaper than anywhere else. No kidding. Dealing with all the truck traffic is worth it in my book. Right now with all this construction, though, I’m about to go insane.

And I want to know who the brilliant shmuck is who timed this construction to be before they fixed the bridge that’s been out on the road that’s the best way for us to get to town, and the only logical detour for people that live right around here! Tell me, please, so I can go egg his house! It might take me a little longer, though, because I have to take the freakin’ scenic route.

Let me clarify that a little bit. A bridge crossing a little creek on the best road for us to get north of here has been torn down, and the road has been a dead end for about the past year until the county can come up with the money to build a new one. We hardly got to use it after we moved in. So there is another road about 1 1/2 miles away that is a pretty decent alternative, at least distance-wise. It’s really no longer than taking the now dead-end road. But the only disadvantage is that’s where the highway interchange is, and those aforementioned truck stops. And yes, many, many eighteen wheelers.

So we’re getting a brand new shiny interchange to get on and off the freeway with. And while they are making this ‘improvement to your highways for your convenience,’ this road is now down to two piddly little lanes, which us regular folk must share with these monstrosities of vehicles. What would normally take me about ten minutes under normal conditions (well, maybe close to five minutes if that bridge wasn’t still out) took me about 20-25 minutes today, and we were excruciatingly late to the IB’s physical therapy appointment today.


Sorry…I noticed you had dozed off there. This post may be quite dry, but it’s rude to snore while reading a blog. Yo mama would be ashamed!



Tomorrow’s my settlement conference with the judge. And the IH. This should be interesting. While I’m dreading it like a bikini wax, mostly I’m just pissed I have to deal with it tomorrow when I’m trying to get ready to throw a birthday party for my firstborn the very next day.

I don’t even have anything nice to wear to it. I have the outfit I bought for the wedding reception, but it’s sleeveless. I think I’m just gonna wear the black pants from it with a white long-sleeved button-down shirt. The shirt’s from before my massive weight loss, and is probably 2-3 sizes too big. I figure I can get away with it, though. I really don’t care, anyway. It’s not like I’ve had the time to even think about going shopping. And what does it really matter, anyway? How I’m dressed will have absolutely no bearing on tomorrow’s events. I might as well just go in a tank top and shorts. At least I’d physically be comfortable.

I don’t want to go to that courthouse tomorrow. If there was ever a time I wish I could clone myself, this is it.

I still have a little bit of stuff to do to get ready for the party. Most of the stuff is bought, but there’s still a few more things I need. Hopefully tomorrow after this stupid hearing thing, I’ll have the chance to run get the RK a birthday present. That’s the hardest thing, given that he’s always with me. So while he’s at the neighor’s tomorrow would be the perfect chance.

OK, I’m tired. That’s it.


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