Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Still alive and kickin’

After 45 posts, I guess my motivation and interest in this new blog of mine has finally started to wane somewhat. I just don’t feel like sitting down and trying to get my thoughts all organized and put into print. I do want to keep this blog current, however, so forgive me if my posts aren’t as thrilling or exciting as they have been. Then again, I guess they haven’t been all that great thus far. Just bear with me…

My night out on the town this past Saturday was lots of fun! My neighbor and I started the night at a brand new place in downtown Ann Arbor…it had been open less than a week. It’s one of those $8 a drink martini bars, so we only stayed for two drinks. But I must say, the dirty martini I had, listed on the menu as the “Dirty CEO” was the best I’ve ever had. I thought I was quite witty…she brought our drinks, and I said, “OK, so where’s my dirty CEO? Where is he?” Heh. For my second drink, I decided to see what this craze about Mojitos was all about. It was interesting…don’t think I’ll be ordering it again, though. I kept sucking up little pieces of fresh mint in my straw. That stole a lot of the appeal. Overall, though, the flavor was quite nice and refreshing.

After that, I had an itch to go to what has to be about the only country bar around, and my friend obliged. It was alright. I really wanted to take a two-steppin’ spin around the dance floor, but my dance card remained empty. It was quite funny watching the others get out there and try to do it…they just don’t get it this far north. And this place is big in line dancing. They’ll line dance to Justin Timberlake. Now, I’m not knocking JT, his song “What Goes Around” has been a saving grace for me these last few months, but I don’t want to hear him in a place like this. Please…let’s stick to King George, Clint, maybe even a little Gretchen.

Nothing much to report for my week thus far. Today the IB had an occupational therapy appointment, and after that, the three of us went for some lunch at Panera Bread, and then on to the grocery store for us. I felt a little guilty because I hadn’t taken the time to get my coupons in order, so I paid full price for most things. I did score some good sale items, though.

So exciting….I know.

My boys came home from their weekend with their dad, and the IB learned a new trick! He’s now pulling himself up to standing! Whenever he’s in his ‘cage,’ (aka the playpen), he’ll get himself pulled up to standing, and he’ll peer over of the top of the rail…all I can see are his eyes. Sometimes he’ll lean his head back, scrunch up his nose and smile at me. SO PRECIOUS. I can’t believe we’re just a little more than a month away from him being an entire year old. Just can’t believe it.

My new bloggerbuddy, Jimmy Patterson, who’s also the online editor at my hometown’s newspaper, is once again participating in this year’s Blogathon. This is such a great thing. Bloggers from all over the world unite and commit to blogging for 24 hours straight. And it’s all for charity. Jimmy, like last year, will be blogging for a wonderful organization in Midland called Midland Fair Havens. When I checked out their website to see what they were all about, I felt compelled to make a pledge. Although I’m not in such dire straits as the women and children the organization helps, I still feel a close connection to them as I too am going through such a difficult and life-altering time. I haven’t given charitably in way too long, longer than I’d care to admit, but for this cause, I decided to participate. No, I won’t be blogging for an entire 24-hours, but I did make a pledge for Jimmy’s efforts…

…and talk about effort! He will be blogging from a cherry picker parked in the local HEB’s parking lot. And he has mentioned a slight fear of heights. He has also mentioned searchlights will be in place. I would love to be able to come out and support him in person at 4:16 AM when his eyelids are drooping and head bobbing, but since I can’t, I will do my best to follow his progress over this neat little contraption that connects me to the whole world.

May I suggest that anyone reading this click on the Blogathon link and peruse the bloggers and their charities that they will be blogging for. If you find someone who is supporting a cause close to your heart, please make a pledge. And if you don’t find your favorite charity listed among those who have signed up, perhaps consider signing up yourself! I think it’s such a neat way to raise money for worthy causes, and I’m looking forward to being a small, yet active part of it!

I picked up a new Luanne Rice paperback at the grocery store today, so I think I’ll go knock out a few pages before I turn in. Nighty-night, everyone!



  1. Keep postin’, and I’ll keep on readin’.

    I love reading everone’s blogs!

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