Posted by: Tricia | Sunday, July 22, 2007

We’re gonna rock this thang…cock this thang…

I’m sitting here at the dining table with the IB right next to me in his high chair having some sweet corn puffs. He’s got his sweet little smile readily available at just the slightest hint of attention from me as he uses his perfect textbook pincer grasp to stuff his face with. He passed the 11-month mark on Friday. Less than a month to go ’til he’s one!

I also have the British Open on, although at this point I’m not really watching it all that closely. There’s just nothing else on the tube that I’d care to turn on. And heaven forbid I might actually turn the silly off for a while!

The RK & I went on quite an adventure Friday night. It was a bit of a last-minute thing, not being formulated in my head until the day before. SH babysat the IB for us while we…

…are you ready for this?

…we went to….

…are you sitting down?

…oh my gosh this was so great…


They’re only my favorite country group EVER! Well, they’re up there with Brooks & Dunn. And this is the first concert I’ve been to since Pink Floyd at the Alamodome somewhere around 1993 or ’94.

I’ve never been one to enjoy spending a lot of money on entertainment events like concerts. I got the Pink Floyd ticket for free. And even adding on the RF concert to my list of concerts attended, I can still count them on one hand.

Thank goodness they still had some of the ‘cheap’ ($29.75) tickets left. So yes, we were in the nosebleed section. I bought the tickets over the phone (for a $5/ticket convenience charge…better than Ticketmaster’s $9.20/ticket convenience charge) Friday morning, and around 4:30 we dropped off the IB across the street and headed off on the 50+ mile trek to the Palace of Auburn Hills (home of the Detroit Pistons! DEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL!). Jason Aldean was the opener, and he was alright…he’s definitely got big things in store for him down the road. But the main act was AWESOME! They opened with “Me and My Gang,” which definitely got the crowd going. I think my favorite moment of the night was at the end of “Bless the Broken Road” when Gary LeVox did his little acapella riff “…and God blessed the broken road….” pause… right at this point the crowd erupted into an amazing round of applause that just went on and on and on…it got to the point where the musicians were ready to move on, and we all just wouldn’t shut up! Eventually Gary came back to the mike and started singing again despite the still-thunderous roar… “…that led me straight….to you.” It was pretty cool.

The RK wasn’t all that impressed with the whole concert thing. He was ready to go before it was over, so I dragged myself outta there to take him home. We came out the wrong door and had to walk all the way around the arena, and as we were walking around, everyone else started coming out too, so I was glad to know I didn’t miss that much by leaving early. And we still got out of the parking lot rather quickly, too.

The RK just isn’t that impressed with any kind of popular music. He doesn’t have any favorite songs that he gets all excited about when they come on the radio, and he’s especially not thrilled with country. He seems to be in the mode that he’s not gonna like anything his mom likes, but after Friday night, I’m starting to think he just genuinely doesn’t care for country. He said something about not wanting to listen to any more country for a long time after the concert. I hope he starts getting into music, though. It communicates in a fantastic way the spoken word just can’t. I’m so interested to see what genre he’ll attach to. He seems like he’ll be into the alternative rock…like Green Day, or All American Rejects. We just have to wait and see…

OK…I’m gonna cut it off here. Just had to tell y’all about our fun Friday night! I think I’m gonna go put the IB down for a nap, and then maybe put myself down for a nap, too. Later!



  1. I love that song “Broken Road.”

    And I love Rascal Flatts.

  2. When my dad died a couple of years ago, he had been remarried for a brief 19 months. “Bless the Broken Road” was just on its way up the charts, and I had that song played at my dad’s funeral. Given that it really hadn’t been heard all that much at that point, my hope was that as people walked out of the church from honoring the life of my dad, that they would think of him every time they heard it on the radio from that point on. Don’t know if my plan worked, though…kinda hard to find out!

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