Posted by: Tricia | Monday, July 23, 2007


Friend is over here right now. Since the post I first introduced y’all to him, he has spent the night again…probably a weekend or so ago. And things went much better. It looks like what I’ve always heard about teaching kids who’s boss is true. Lay down the line, stick to it. And things are going great in general with him and the RK. He’s let me know he thinks I’m a ‘nice’ and ‘cool’ mom, and that the RK is one of his best friends.

You have no idea how relieved I am that their friendship is working out for me. Friend is the only other kid around the RK’s age that actually stays at home during the day over the summer. His mom stays at home like I do right now. He doesn’t have to spend his summer days in a daycare. So this absolutely thrills me that they can spend their summer days hanging out together. The RK has stated to me, though, that Friend is either #2 or #3 on his list of best friends…I can’t remember which. It changes from time to time, too. I’m still keeping a close eye on him, though. I still see that little glint of ‘up-to-no-good’ capability in his eyes.

Oh, I’m still floating after the Rascal Flatts concert Friday night! I have gotten to the point where their music is very soothing and comforting to me. Country music as a whole does that to me, but moreso for RF. I realized I’ve purchased their last three albums, and I have a feeling I’ll be downloading their new one when it drops in September. I just adore their unique vocals and harmonies. They sound so good through my iPod earbuds!

Huh. I can’t really think of anything else to talk about at the moment. I just haven’t been feeling much of anything lately. Just kinda blah. The boys and I just sorta putter around the house, not doing much of anything. We’re definitely in lazy days of summer mode. I hope they’re not too bored or unstimulated. ‘Cuz I sure am.

I did get an email yesterday from my local library letting me know The Kite Runner is ready for me to pick up. I’ll finish the Luanne Rice book I’m reading right now then start that one. I love reading in the summer. Heck, there’s nothing else to do…there’s certainly not anything on TV.

…well, except Big Brother 8. And boy, is it good this year! I’ve actually been watching Big Brother since season 2. My mom started watching it the very first year, so when the second season rolled around, she and I watched it together across the miles. This is back before she got back together with her long-lost love and moved to New Hampshire. For the last couple of years, she hasn’t watched it, but this year she and I are again attempting to keep up with it together.

So anyway, the cast they have living in the Big Brother house is the best in quite a few seasons. I haven’t been this excited about it in a long time! I don’t care to get into details at this point in time, but if you too watch this silly, crazy reality show, let me know and we can share our thoughts on it with each other!

Ok I’ve gotta run. The IB is ready to get out of his high chair, full up to his eyeballs in Cheerios!



  1. You’re gonna love “The Kite Runner”!

  2. your kids friends can be so taxing on the nerves

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