Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, July 28, 2007

Behold, the perfect strategy, the textbook form

Take notes, you ultimate procrastinator wannabes…I wrote the book. I am the Queen. The Champion. The unanimous GPP…Grand Poobah of Procrastination.

Jimmy’s Blogathon efforts has made the perfect excuse today. I’ve been popping in on him all day today, and thankfully now, the sun has quit torturing his live webcam shot. He’s a crazy, yet wonderful guy to put himself through so much stress and turmoil to raise a big ol’ chunk of change for Midland Fair Havens. I have to admit, though, it looks like fun. At least at this point it does. I don’t know how I’d be feeling at 3:00 in the morning with still 5 more hours to go. 30 feet in the air. Yikes. Have pity on him…pop in on him and throw some money his way. With what he’s going through, it’s the least we can do!

I have done some productive things today. For the first time in about six weeks, I got the grass cut. My neighbors and I have been have a hell of a time getting it to grow, given that it’s only year-old sod, and we haven’t been getting very much rain. The sun has beat down on it mercilessly, and even the best looking lawns around the neighborhood are patchy green at the very best. My front yard looks pretty good, I was surprised to notice. I just knew that once I cut the grass out there, that all the brown patches would show through a lot more, but not so! It actually borders on lush! The back and the south side of the house is another story, though.

So after mowing around noon today, I managed to waste away the afternoon following Jimmy some more, snoozing in front of the Tigers game, messing around with the garden hose outside (not necessarily in that order). I finally jumped in the shower around 5:00-ish, which was much needed after mowing. Now I’ve been slowly but surely getting the downstairs cleaned up. Kitchen is done. Sweeping is done. All the dining area furniture has been lugged into the living room so I can mop.

And here I sit.

See? I’m so good at proctrastinating, it’s disgusting.

After mopping I still would like to run the vacuum as well.

There’s a meet & greet at the neighbor’s tonight, and I really don’t feel all that much like going. I didn’t RSVP, for one thing, so I don’t want to be rude by showing up unexpectedly. Side dishes or desserts were also requested, and I don’t have anything to bring.

Being the social butterfly I am, it’s really odd that I don’t have a huge interest in going. That I’m staying at home to clean of all things, when there’s a party going on! WTF? I guess it’s just more evidence of how going through this divorce has affected me.

I dunno…maybe after a while I’ll throw on some makeup and mozy down there. One thing I could offer is the better part of a case of beer. That might facilitate my welcome.

Let’s see…what else can I talk about to drag out my mopping the floor….

Eh…I got nothin’. Guess I better go put on my washerwoman hat.




  1. if you took the beer, they would not care about any side dishes! I hope you ended up going, it is always good to get acquainted with as many people as possible, as a single parent you need all the ally’s you can get, trust me!!

    as for procrastination, I rule…Long standing wait til the last minute person esp. with college. how I graduated magna cum laude is still a mystery to me. Must have been a God thing.

    I used to love mowing the lawn, I reveled in making it look beautiful I have lots of tricks up my sleeve. I’m not sure where you live but triple 16 fertilizer/weed killer is great. I have one piece of advice, and that is fertilizer/weed killer every few months. also I’ve had sod before so I know how it is after a year, you might need to aerate it?

  2. ps, the fact you posted 2 days in a row nearly caused me a seizure!!

  3. I am the queen of procrastination.

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