Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Movin’ on…

Whew, I just now got the kitchen cleaned up from dinner…finally. I get so sick of cleaning that dadgum kitchen. That was one thing great about having the IH around…he went along with the rule that whoever didn’t cook, cleans. Now I get to do both. And thus far, only a couple of times has it waited until the next morning.

I’m sitting here right now at my dining table, iPod blaring some Alice in Chains, and an ice cold beer by the computer. This has been a momentous day.

I signed the papers today.

And funny….as I drove away from my attorney’s office, I felt like I didn’t expect to. Hopeful. Encouraged. Free.

Now I just need to work on the feelings of bitterness and hatred I have in my heart. At this point, I still desperately crave for all the IH’s actions to come crashing down around him, so he is finally forced to acknowledge what a f’ed-up view he has on life. And don’t even get me started on her.

This man has gone hog-wild spending money to the point it makes me wonder if he has some sort of undisclosed source of income. I mentioned in passing a few posts back that he had bought a new car. A brand new 2007 Nissan Pathfinder. This is his third new car in as many years. But this particular type of vehicle he needs now. After all, he now has as many as four kids to haul around. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a Sirius satellite radio box under the front passenger seat. And this last time, he had a bike rack installed on the back. (I asked him if he had a bike now, and he said, no, it’s just for the kids’s bikes. But then the RK mentioned the other day that his dad and she ride bikes with the kids, too. And after some questioning, it was quite evident that these bikes were not rented.) Oh yes…he went to the Tim & Faith concert, too. (OK…I’ll let that one slide…I went to the Rascal Flatts concert the following week.) And not to mention the new shoes I’ve seen him in, new clothes, etc. And oh yes…he received some sort of new credit card in the mail here at the house not too long ago. I wonder if there was one in there with her name on it, too.

I need to let it go. He’s digging his own grave, and I just need to summon the patience to wait for it to all come caving in on him. No, actually, I just need to




As long as he makes those child support payments, I shouldn’t care. And here in the grand state of Michigan, I took advantage of my option to go ahead and have it garnished from his wages from the get-go.

He’s asked me if it would be agreeable to me if he could take the kids every weekend for the rest of the summer, until school starts. While I horribly miss my babies while they’re gone, I also think it’s good for me. I know the RK has a lot more fun on his weekends with his dad that what I have for him here at the house, so I avoid that source of guilt for not giving him a more entertaining time here at the house. I think I just might go ahead and say OK. I am really enjoying the time to myself, and the RK is really enjoying his weekends with his dad.

Oh yes! The weekend! I did end up going to that meet & greet at the neighbor’s, but not until after 10:00. But that was OK, because they have a bit of a wild streak in them like I do. They had a keg…I don’t think I’ve had beer from a keg since those ‘enlightening’ and ‘informative’ days back at UT Austin! My head hit the pillow at straight-up 2:00. It’s nice to know I have a good source of blowing off steam when I need to.

The next day was another meet & greet at the clubhouse of the subdivision, spearheaded by my neighbor two doors down. I had told him I’d come help and set up, since I didn’t have the IB to chase after. It was a much more mellow time than the night before, but still great. I did meet a lot of neighbors, one of which I hope I’ll run into again. An older, single woman who might be a good source of babysitting. We all had a lot of fun slamming our builder and all the issues we’re having with our houses. It was funny.

Oh my gosh… Let It Go just came on my iPod! Frighteningly appropriate. I’ll probably listen to it a couple more times before the night’s over.

That’s all I have for now. From this day forward, though, the IH will now be referred to as the IX. I can’t believe this day is here. I never thought in a millions years this day would ever hit my calendar. But it has.

Movin’ on…



  1. congrats

  2. You’ll be fine, chica. Just breathe, enjoy the quiet times. You are a wonderful mom and a wonderful person. His choices are not about you or the kiddos.

    Remember, God has your back!

  3. hating/bitterness is like you taking rat poisening and waiting for the other person to die. You’ve probably heard that before. I’ve had to work long and hard to let things go. While I struggle to pay my bills and provide a decent roof over my sons head, THEY are building a big new house. They’ll get theirs if they haven’t already

  4. Bob: Thanks…I guess.

    Janie: Thank you for your encouragement, yet again! I desperately need to hear things like that.

    Doozie: No, actually I hadn’t heard the rat poison thing before. I like it! And thanks for your perspective. The fact that you’re further down this road I’m on offers me lots of comfort and hope.

  5. […] remember this? This man [the IX] has gone hog-wild spending money to the point it makes me wonder if he has some […]

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