Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, August 4, 2007

*Burp* Aaahhhh….

Aaahhh, the blessed Coney Island again. I just finished a gyro and Greek salad. I wolfed it all down. Down to the last little bits of feta cheese, Greek dressing, and beet juice still swirling in the bottom of my salad bowl. The gyro is now just a memory as well. And I feel like a pig…but a very happy, content pig.

My babies are gone again, and this weekend, I’m not doing as well as I have up to this point. I think I’m gonna tell the IX that I don’t want to do his every weekend plan after all.

I was feeling this way even before he sent me into a tailspin when he came to pick them up yesterday. Allow me to explain…

The RK’s Cub Scout den leader was having a sleepover/campout at his house last night. In the emails the den leader has been sending out, he as requested for some parents to stay to help wrangle the kids. The IX asked me if the RK wanted to go, and I told him I hadn’t mentioned it to him. So the IX asks him if he wants to go, and he says, sure. So I get on the phone with the IX, not knowing if he was thinking of staying the the RK or not. I ask him if he’s planning on picking up the IB, and he says yes. So I conclude that this means he was not planning on staying the night with the RK at the sleepover.

Well, I was wrong. He was planning on taking the IB back to the love shack to let her take care of him for the night while the IX stayed at the sleepover. I just about flipped out. For one thing, the only reason for the IX to take the IB is for him to spend time with him. If he’s not even going to be there, then why is the IB even leaving? Second, it just absolutely disgusts me that he is so moronic that he doesn’t even recognize the need to discuss this kind of thing with me! With a rather loud voice and animated movements, I let the IX know that this doesn’t sit well with me, and that the IB can just stay here if that’s the case. I rant and rave about how I can’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth, and then threw the bike thing from my previous post at him. He ended up saying that he just wouldn’t stay the night at the sleepover and go back to his place with the IB. The RK will be able to let me know if this is indeed the way things went down.

OK…I have more to say, but it is freezing in here, and my toes are about to start frosting over! More later…



  1. he’s a dumb ass

  2. …to the point it boggles my mind.

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