Posted by: Tricia | Sunday, August 5, 2007

I love nights like this

I’m on the couch in my living room, the footrest is up, Rascal Flatts’ latest single is playing on the satellite radio provided by my dish service. My windows are open all the way, and the sounds of crickets and other invisible night creatures are singing their nightly arias. There are low rumbles of thunder rolling into my living room from the northwest. The air is thick and heavy, which, when the temperature is comfortable, makes my skin feel healthy and hydrated. And oh yes, coming from behind me is the song of the cricket that managed to find his way into my garage. My mom always used to say that finding a cricket in your house would bring good luck. I wonder…does the garage count?

My babies are upstairs, filling this house with a comfort and peace even as they sleep. The RK is sleeping in my bed tonight. I try to keep this practice at a minimum, but now that he’s leaving me for weekends with his dad, I’ve been letting him sleep in my bed on his last nights here before he goes, and also on the nights he comes back. In a way, I need it, too. It’s fun snuggling up with him. While ten years of age is quite old to become dependent on something like this, I’m still trying to be careful to not let it become a common practice to the point of it turning into a habit. The poor boy’s been through so much this past year or so, and while I want to meet his emotional needs in every way possible, I can definitely see something like this becoming an unhealthy crutch. But yeah, we both enjoy it. And to think…before long, that bed might be filled with yet another little warm body from time to time! Oh, those precious boys are such blessings to me!

Given my rather tepid level of motivation this morning, I got quite a bit done around the house today. I did the usual floor maintenance downstairs–vacuuming the living room, and sweeping and Swiffering the kitchen linoleum. Actually the Swiffering was new today…and it was disgustingly amazing for me to learn what the broom has been leaving behind all this time! And I’ve been letting my baby crawl around on that floor…egads!

At that point something came over me…I actually found myself vacuuming upstairs. It had been a shamefully ginormous amount of time since my bedroom floor was graced with the repititive swipe patterns of the vacuum. And it’s amazing how clean my room feels to me now, even though there remains a just-as-shamefully ginormous layer of dust all over the furniture. And crap lying in disarray here and there, desperately screaming for organizing and packing away. Maternity clothes would be an example.

And I know what you’re thinking –“Isn’t that baby about to be a year old?”

Yes, yes he is.

Frankly, this is the biggest bedroom I’ve ever had in my life, and if it weren’t for all this crap, the room would actually be quite empty. And since I can’t afford to put any cool stuff in there at the moment, why not let the space get taken up with crap? I mean, it’s not like anyone whose opinion I’d worry about is actually gonna be up there anytime soon to see it. Sigh…

So anyway, back to my litany of housecleaning. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

The landing at the top of the stairs and the hallway then got vacuumed, but not before I SpotShotted the unidentifiable stains that have been there for goodness knows how long. And while vacuuming, it sounded like driving on a road with a brand new layer of gravel on it. That would be all the cat litter tracked out of the laundry room by my two annoying kitties getting sucked up into the vacuum bag. The litter–not the kitties, unfortunately. Heh…that’s a funny thought.

I then vacuumed the stairs themselves and called it a day. My baby’s runways are now cleared to taxi.

Ya know, for someone who for most of her life was led to believe she wasn’t capable of handling such responsibility, I’m doing pretty good. My house isn’t the cleanest; the word ‘spotless’ is way out of reach. But it ain’t nasty, either. There’s so many ‘projects’ I need to start tackling, most of which fall under the category of organization. But for now I’m still mastering the general maintenance.

I know there’s probably a multitude of more stimulating things I could talk about to keep you intrigued, but this is big for me. And being able to write all these things down as stuff I actually accomplished in my day feels really good. I’m running a household ALL BY MYSELF. And it’s not falling down around my ears, hasn’t been condemned, nor has child protective services been called due to the squalid conditions. I’m actually doing it.

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn for a bit.



  1. You’ve been NAB’D!

  2. Sounds like you’re doing well! Are you ever coming back to Midland for a visit, Tricia?

  3. ick…housework….

  4. Janie:

    Oh sure, I’ll be back sometime. I don’t have any trips planned at the moment, but I just can’t stay away for too long. Ya know, it’s really strange that I’m saying something like that about Midland, TX, of all places! But it is home, and I it’s the place I feel comfortable and at ease. I’ll be sure to let y’all know when my next trip is…maybe we can all meet at Clear Springs for some catfish & onion rings, or perhaps at Jorge’s…

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