Posted by: Tricia | Monday, August 13, 2007

I got nuthin’ for this post’s title

I have a rather shameful confession to make. It’s my explanation for not posting in a few days. And it might be a reason why I won’t post any more often for the next few weeks. I mentioned a while back that I’m really into this season of Big Brother. Well, I cracked. I found myself last Wednesday night punching in my credit card number to start receiving the live feeds of the goings-on in the house which is located on the CBS lot in Los Angeles. So now, my computer time is mostly spent keeping up with all the craziness (oh lordy, you have no idea) that dominates the house this season.

The cool thing about this feature is you get to see it all happen live, learning who wins competitions, hearing the strategy sessions, witnessing people completely lose their minds in this voluntary exile, all before the severely edited episodes are broadcast on TV. It’s fun. It passes the time. It gives me an escape of sorts.

So the feeds are suspended right now because from what I could gather, the houseguests are being treated to a big fancy dinner party in the house tonight. The BB powers-that-be aren’t letting us watch it live; we’ll just have to wait to see it all on a future broadcast episode, I guess. So be it. This gives me a chance to let y’all know I’m still around. (We actually don’t get to see competitions or ceremonies on the feeds…they always put up the BB theme music with the same old trivia questions from seasons past. But once the events are over, we learn the results from the ensuing conversations among the houseguests.)

My weekend was very dull. I was so lonely, I just laid around most of the time trying to find any teeninesy bit of motivation within me to do something productive. One thing I’m learning about myself, though, is that if I don’t have anyone else around to do anything for, I don’t do anything. Being all by myself completely strips away any desire to get anything knocked off my to-do list. It’s really quite sad. I’m gonna work on that, though. Sunday I perked up a little bit and got the lawn mowed, along with some inside chores. That baby gate still isn’t installed at the bottom of the stairs, so I’m really having to keep a close eye on the IB when he’s in free range mode.

Did anyone venture outside last night to catch the peak of the Perseid meteor shower? The RK and I made a rather weak attempt at it before it got too late, but we didn’t see much. After he went to bed, I’d step outside from time to time and gaze heavenward, and was finally rewarded close to 2 AM when I saw three shooting stars all within about 15 seconds of each other. The best time to witness it was around 4:00-5:00 AM, and I just wasn’t up to that challenge, and certainly the RK wasn’t. Even going to bed and setting the alarm was too much to ask of either of us. At least I finally got a little taste of it. All of you dear readers who are located in West Texas (especially you, Bob) should jump at these chances…West Texas is one of the best places in the nation to get away from city lights to behold such wonderful occurences as this!

While I’m on an astronomical topic — did you know that you can go to the NASA website and find out when you’ll be able to spot the space station or the space shuttle in orbit? I’ve actually done this a couple of times, and it’s so cool. It doesn’t look like much more than an airplane flying overhead, but you can still tell that it’s much further away and going much, much faster. It’s pretty amazing to think that there are actually people up there, orbiting this big ol’ rock. Oh what I wouldn’t give to see the planet from their point of view! Anyway, click on the link, find your city and state, and see when you might have the chance to experience this. And set an alarm clock to remind you…it’s so easy to forget about it when the time comes. Definitely one thing that makes this so awesome for me is having a ten-year-old son to do this with. We usually watch all the launches and landings as well, learning more and more about the space program with each event.

I think the best time I spotted the shuttle flying overhead was a couple of years ago, before it had docked with the International Space Station. It was chasing it, catching up to it, so what I saw was two bright not-quite-airplanes-not-quite-shooting-stars cutting a path in the early morning sky. This I did set my alarm for, and looking back on it, I’m so glad I did. I’ll keep doing stuff like this every chance I get. I think it’s one way to truly soak in and appreciate this amazing age we live in. And who knows where it’s gonna go from here?

The shuttle program began when I was a little bit younger than the RK. I remember for the first handful of launches and landings, all the teachers in my school would secure a TV for their classrooms so we could watch. I think it’s such a shame that the marvel of it is mostly lost now, and is only reignited when tragedies occur. I’m very grateful to the cable news channels that still break away from their boring, monotonous political drivel to cover the launches and landings. But if even that goes away, thank goodness my dish service carries the NASA channel!

I’m so exhausted. The RK had at least one friend over all day long today, starting at the stroke of 10:00 AM. And for the first time since the RK’s birthday, we actually headed down to the pool for a while late this afternoon. And the IB loved it…he’s definitely at home in the water. He was so cute in his little swimmy diaper… 🙂 I hope we make it down there a few more times before the season’s over.

Oooo, I just started craving some pistachios and a Coke.


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