Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yeah, whatever, Eric.

In the spirit of one of the greatest rivalries between American universities, I must fire back at Eric and his little gloat about Texas a&m being ranked #1 in some strange, and by default, highly questionable ranking from Washington Monthly.

I recently came across this article from the Houston Chronicle. While it declares that UT has lost its#1 ranking as Biggest Party School, taking the long and shameful slide all the way down to #3, (and I especially love the headline labelling it as ‘former party school’ due to this demotion), it also states that it has been determined by a survey conducted by The Princeton Review to have the best career and job placement services for its students.

From the article:

Lynne Milburn, director of the UT’s Career Exploration Center, said students have access to “very personalized and professional services” starting early in their collegiate careers.

Students also appreciate that, as the state’s flagship university [emphasis added], “the best recruiters are coming to hire UT students. They have access to higher quality job opportunities,” she said.

So basically, what this means is students who attend The University of Texas are indeed so smart, they can party like it’s 1999 and still get outstanding grades to be recruited for stellar careers upon graduation.

I wonder if the Co-op is planning on resurrecting the t-shirts that were abundant around campus while I was there that say, “I go to UT… Someday you’ll work for me.”



  1. I wonder if the Co-op is planning on resurrecting the t-shirts that were abundant around campus while I was there…

    Well, only if they can get copyright clearance from A&M, which had those shirts when I was there, and I can assure you, missy, that that was a LONG time before you! 😉

    [Houston Chronicle? Didn’t that used to be a newspaper or something?]

  2. Seriously? If you’re that old, maybe there’s a statute of limitations that has run out, or something.

    Besides, it sounds much better with “UT” on the shirt rather than “a&m”…that way it actually kind of rhymes.

    I don’t think I’ve ever, ever read the Houston Chronicle before, actually. So I have no idea what the paper has been like in the past, nor can I compare that to what it is now. That was an article that popped up in my Google news reader a couple of days back. I saw “Texas” in the headline, which triggered an automatic response of clicking on it.

  3. I can’t think of anything that looks better with tu on it. And I’ve got a masters degree from the system. 😉

    That was a little joke about the Chronicle, which is now Houston’s only daily newspaper (as far as I know). It’s not thought of very highly in the Houston blogging circles, but that’s no surprise. No local newspaper gets any respect from its blogging community.

  4. I figured it was a little dig at the Chronicle, but given my distance, I think, and the fact that I’m not a big newspaper reader to begin with, it was lost on me. I subscribe to The Ann Arbor News, and only on Sunday for the ads and coupons.

    And of course newspapers aren’t very respected in the blogging community…anyone who gets paid to write can’t be any good at it, right?

    And as far as degrees go, you’ve got me beat hands down. I only acquired about 80 hours towards my degree in psychology. I think if I had been smart about it and majored in music, I’d have been more driven to finish.

    Now that I’m on the cusp of a completely different life that I never thought I’d be staring at, ya never know — I just might join the ranks of the Maize and Blue. But the Longhorns will eternally have my heart!

    *Sniff sniff* Can you smell that? Football season is in the air! Yeehaw!

  5. Ahhh, How fun it is to sit on the sidelines and spectate you guys. Come on Eric, you can’t let her get away with this. Now Trish, can’t you dig a little deeper. Kinda like being at a boxing match and eggen em on.

  6. And Bob is the little kid on the sideline chanting “Fight! Fight!”

  7. Ummmmm…I’m with Bob on this one! This is fun!!!

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