Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well…I’ve learned my lesson.

The boys came back from their dad’s last night. And after grilling the RK for a recap of what they did over the weekend, I come to find out that my Idiot Ex-Husband and the Homewrecker went to the race after all.

The RK said that he spent the night Sat. night over at the HW’s sister’s house, and spent the day Sunday over there. And he also said something about a babysitter coming over to the sister’s on Sunday to watch the IB. I guess the sister didn’t want to have to keep up with him and all the other kids as well.

You have absolutely no idea how LIVID I was to hear that. So the IX got this email from me last night:

So you went to the race after all, huh? It was so important to you that you were willing to blow off your kids and pawn them off on [the sister] and the babysitter. That’s disgusting.

Your kids deserve so much more out of you than this, [IX]. And I think it’s such a shame that you don’t cherish them more, and jump at every opportunity you have to spend time with them. They’re growing so fast, and if you keep going like this, they’re gonna be grown before you know it, and all you’ll have is regret. I think it’s such a shame that that race took priority over them.

OK…the next time you want to cancel on your weekend plans with your kids, I won’t try to stop you. I’d much rather keep the kids here with me than to have what happened this past weekend happen again. I’ll be more than happy to blow off any plans I might have to get to spend the extra time with them. And I’m really sorry I just didn’t do that this weekend. Another lesson learned.

If you keep acting like this, you’re only hurting your kids, and your relationship with them. I was only trying to help you see that and understand that. But obviously, you don’t care. So be it. Like I said, just let me know if you have to pass again on your weekend with them, and I’ll just say ok; no more grief from me. I’ll do my best to pick up the slack you’re creating, but I’ll never be able to do it completely.

And shame on the sister, who was also a very close friend of mine before all this, for agreeing to that f’ed up arrangement!

Excuse me…I must go. A wave of nausea just swept over me.


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