Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thank you, DishNetwork! (Yes, really!)

I am just so excited, I don’t quite know what to do with myself! It all started around 7:00 tonight…

I keep a close watch on the programming schedule for Longhorn games up here. Right now, with the Longhorns ranked so high, I get to see the majority of games during the season. But a few years ago, when they weren’t making such waves on the national radar, I was contributing significantly to my cable company, being forced to order quite a few games on PPV.

Earlier this week, I checked to see where and when the Longhorns game would be on, and discovered that it was scheduled for FSN at 7:00. “Awesome!” I thought. History dictates that Big XII night games are aired on pretty much all the FSN regional channels (mine being FSN Detroit). So I skip ahead a few days to today’s schedule on the programming guide, checking to make sure my FSN has the Texas game. And then heartbreak. It’s got the Tigers baseball game on the docket. I notice that a couple of channels lower, usually labelled as ‘Sports Alternate’ on the programming guide, it says ‘TCU at Texas.’ And not just on one of those alternate channels, but on three or four. But my hopes are still dashed, knowing that I would probably have to subscribe to a higher channel package to receive these alternate channels.

So tonight, as I’m watching the train wreck taking place at Michigan Stadium, I decide to turn on one of those channels listing the Texas game on my PIP. Just in case. And whaddya know…at straight-up 7:00, the heavens opened, the angels sang, and the Longhorns took the field right before my eyes! I just couldn’t believe it! It made my night.

The game started out a little shaky. TCU had the lead at halftime. Texas’ running game was rather nonexistent, and McCoy threw two INT’s in consecutive possessions. But in the second half, the more familiar Longhorn freight train took the field and smeared the Horned Frogs all over it. It was a huge relief, given how the Longhorns’ performance last week against Arkansas St. was barely enough to get the W. Now my nerves are settling down now a little bit. It did my heart good to see the Longhorn football team I’ve known and loved for the last few seasons.

But how my heart breaks (vicariously, thank God) for the Wolverines. An ESPN commentator mentioned something about this being the first time Michigan has started the season 0-2 in something like 70 years, I think he said??? The Oregon Ducks spanked ’em hard, 39-7. Major insult on top of injury. Some headlines I’ve already seen making a play on ‘Maize and Blue’ are “Malaise and Blue” and “Black and Blue.” Talk about devastation!

I think I’m gonna wind down the evening with a celebratory cocktail. ‘Nite!

Oh, and….


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