Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, September 15, 2007

I’ll take potpourri for $200, Alex…

I finally did it. I called my vehicle’s dealership and got it in for its 40,000 mile maitenance. I never got its 35,000-mile oil change, and right now the odometer indicates I’m right in between the two maintenance milestones, if you will. So I just decided to get it all done a little early.

I’m driving an old beater p-o-s loaner car. These types of cars make me appreciate my Honda all the more! The three hours I must wait to have my car returned to me is all I need to have the love for it fully renewed.

So I took off in that little p-o-s to the local Panera. And here I am. I miss my babies. There are kiddoes all over this cafe, and just makes my heart yearn for my boys!

Let’s see…what else…

Oh yes. I had to take the IB to an appointment at the hospital yesterday morning to check if his left testicle has descended over the course of his first year or not. And we found out it hasn’t. So that means…gasp…surgery. It’s an outpatient thing, but still. So the date scheduled for that is Oct. 1. Oh, the dread.


The Longhorns are playing today! Yeehaw!!! And it’s being televised on ESPN2, so I’m a happy camper. I should be getting my car back just in time to cruise home and flip on the game. I’m hoping that the ‘Horns get the rout against Central Florida today that I was expecting against Arkansas St. two weeks ago.

So I finally got my resume all in order, and have begun the complicated, red-taped, pointless and frustrating process to start applying for jobs within the University of Michigan system. The first part of that is submitting my resume for a pre-employment screening. That involves waiting half an hour from submission, then calling this number for a brief phone interview. A face-to-face interview is then scheduled, and I’ll be off to the races. So I got my resume submitted, waited the half-hour, and called. Whaddya know…voicemail. So I left my message, and didn’t let my phone get out of earshot for the rest of the day. And….nothin’. And nothing again on yesterday. I’d better get a freakin’ call on Monday, or I’m gonna be pissed. I’m also going to apply for the temp pool at U of M, but I can’t apply for that online. I have to print up the application and either mail it in or drop it off. And my printer blows. So I think after I’m done with this post I’m gonna go climb in my little piece and head to Best Buy to get this HP all-in-one printer I’ve had my eye on. Remember I got my computer paid off, so the balance on my Best Buy card is now $0.

I’m craving Whataburger right now. That’d be so good. That has to be one thing I miss the most about living in Texas. McDonald’s….blech. BK…blech. We don’t even have Sonic! Michigan sucks.

OK…I guess that’s all I have. For now, anyway. Off to my favorite store in the whole wide world…Best Buy!



  1. Praying for just the right job for ya, sweetie.

    Whataburger…I guess I do think of it as “always there.” Maybe I shouldn’t take it for granted!

  2. when you get to an interview I think a good thing to ask is “do you prosecute?”

  3. I remember how excited we were when they opened the first Sonic in Columbus.. It’s about 3 miles from our house (or so) and we’ve been twice…

    Girls have gone on to McD’s and Wendys… and White Castle and Arbys… So Sonic is a special treat for them.

    Good luck with the job interview process..

    Hook ’em,

  4. Wishing wonderful things for you. New on the outside of marriage is so weird/hard/insert adjective here… I think we’re all just putting one foot in front of the other and making it, right?! (Wah-hay, it’s SEC football time! Don’t mind me as I wish bad things for LSU (Mr. X’s team) and great things for UGA!!!)

  5. Janie: Thanks for your prayers…they’re much needed, and much appreciated! As for Whataburger, the next time you decide to pass through their drive-through, really take the time to appreciate what makes them unique, compared to….oh, McD’s or BK, which are basically my only options up here.

    Ba Doozer: Ummm….I don’t get it…..?

    Michael: Oh, Sonic. I’ll take a #1 with tater tots and a cherry limeade, please! It’s been working its way slowly north, but has not yet crossed the MI/OH border. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    White Castle….blech.

    Thanks for your well wishes.

    Liv: Thanks for your well wishes, too! Divorce really, really, really blows. I know I’m not alone, though, and that gives me hope.

    As for LSU/UGA, good luck! LSU is definitely a force to be reckoned with this year.

  6. Oh yeah… we do have Wendy’s, too…for some reason I always forget it. I actually probably like them the best out of my options up here.

  7. my son had that surgery for an undescended testicle at 7 months old.
    i’m sure all will be well.
    but i know how it is to be a worried momma.

    best of luck with everything.

  8. Hey Tabba! Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere!

    The procedure my Itty Bitty’s having is definitely a minor one, and nothing to flip out about! But what kind of a mom would I be if I didn’t worry just a little?

  9. […] So here I am at the University of Michigan hospital’s cafeteria. The IB is in for his little operation on the family jewels, and thankfully, the cafeteria has wi-fi! I’m having what has to be at least my fourth cup of […]

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