Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reporting back

OK, so the interview didn’t turn out to be the exciting and hope-filled venture I thought it’d be. But I definitely think it’s a good thing I ended up there. You see, it turns out my interview was with a recruiting firm. I’ve never heard of the company before, but it’s obviously a well-respected and very successful company, given their extremely professional-looking office suite with lots of awards and honors decorating the lobby.

The woman I interviewed with got down and dirty, going over my resume, asking me all kinds of questions about what kind of job I wanted ideally, my strengths, my weaknesses, etc. As for that first criterium, I told her what I wanted, but at this point, I’ll be happy if I’m getting paid to make coffee and pick up drycleaning.

The actual job that I had applied for doesn’t sound like it’s a good possibility, as well as all the other jobs I’ve applied for thus far. I guess that the job title of ‘receptionist’ is a lot more than answering phones nowadays! Functional knowledge of MS Office is a must, even for this bottom-feeding position.

The recruiter said that given my sorry excuse for a resume (meaning, I have no recent job experience or college degree on it), my best bet will more than likely be getting into a temp pool. Fine…whatever. Just as long as it comes with a decent paycheck! I just wanna work! She wanted me to do some skills testing before I left, but once we got to that point in the appointment, we discover their computer system has just locked up. So she says, “OK then…I’ll send you an email in a little while with a link in it and you can take the tests at home.”

Heh…so I go about the course of my day after this…chase the IB around the house, get the RK off the bus, homework, dinner, blah, blah, blah… So I get both my kids in bed and settle in with my beloved laptop and get crackin’. I did the five-minute typing test first, and I scored 64 WPM with an average of 1 mistake per minute, for a net score of 63 WPM. Not too shabby…

Next is the Word 2003 test. It was 30 questions, and I got 28 correct. I wasn’t too worried about this test; I’ve used Word quite a bit over the years.

Up next: Excel 2003. This one I was a little more nervous about. I’ve used Excel quite a bit, but never in an actual spreadsheet functionality. I’ve only used it for making phone lists, rosters, etc. Not for anything remotely related to math or calculating. I was very pleased to have scored another 28/30, but I took quite a bit longer to complete it than the Word test. I was still very impressed with my score, though.

Regarding these previous two tests: The right-click shortcut menus were blitzing out on me, so a lot of functions that I normally do using this shortcut I had to figure out a different way to do them. And thinking back, I think one of the two mistakes I made on each test was because of this. The other ones I have a feeling I’ll feel like a big dummy when I learn what I did wrong.

And finally….PowerPoint 2003. I’ve never used PowerPoint before. I barely know what it’s for or what it does. But I’m pretty resourceful and determined when it comes to computer applications, so I’ll give it a shot. I spent about 30 minutes on it, and only got 20/30 correct. 67%. But frankly, I think that’s pretty darn good for never even having opened up the program before! And just think of the presentations I could create if I actually get some training on the software!

The recruiter told me they have training on computer applications there as well, so I definitely plan on taking advantage of that. I still have a lot to learn about Excel, and PP for sure. And I’m eager to become skilled and proficient; to become a valuable asset to some company who doesn’t even know yet how much they need me.

So now the ball’s in her court, and she’s gonna start selling me to prospective employers. See what I mean about it being a good thing I wound up there? Now I’m not in this job hunt alone…I’ve got someone out there working with me to get me gainfully employed! And I’m so eager to start getting some experience, something to start padding my resume with.


Now for a funny story. The other night, I sent the RK up to take a shower, and when he got out, he came downstairs with one of the IB’s bath toys suction-cupped right in the middle of his forehead. We laughed, and cut up, I took some pictures, and when he pulled it off, there was a nice, perfectly round circle right between his eyes.

So yesterday morning, the RK gets up, and in place of that red circle is a bruise! Ha! I desperately tried not to laugh, but I’m ashamed to admit I failed miserably. So off to school he goes… When he gets home yesterday, I ask him, “Did anyone say anything about the bruise on your forehead?”

He says, “Yeah, my teacher and Mrs. B the music teacher. I told them that [the IB] accidentally hit me with one of his toys last night.”

I bust out with a ginormous belly laugh, saying, “Poor little [IB]…taking the fall for your silly actions!”

We laughed it off, but this did raise a bit of a red flag with me in how he was effortlessly able to come up with a story to save himself from embarrassment. This was a pretty harmless fib, but it’s definitely raised my awareness for the potential of this happening again, with perhaps more serious connotations. Tucking it away in the back of my mind…

(I think he learned more of a lesson about sticking stuff on his face, though, as opposed to learning how to throw blame.)

Must run…I hope to be back later today!



  1. T, if you ever have the chance, you might consider a job in a recruiting firm. It is fun to get people jobs and doesn’t require a whole lot of experience. Good luck, hon. I’ll be rootin’ for ya.

  2. so, I have no idea how to use excell, I don’t even like the look of it…all those squares!

  3. Tricia,

    Thanks so much for your visit to “Love For Home”. You are only a little older than my oldest grandson, who is 28. That makes me pretty old, doesn’t it? (67) But I enjoy reading blogs,especially of you young people. It helps me understand my children and grandchildren better. And, I LEARN SO MUCH!!

    Both the grandson, and his sister (25) have been through divorces. I worry about the girl and the emotional damage it has done. There were no children in either marriage and I’m thankful for that!

    I’m sure this is more than you wanted to know…but I would like to continue reading your blog.

    Have a good day!

  4. Liv:
    I’m not being too picky on what kind of job I get. My only criteria are full-time, regular business hours, and hopefully something that will pay me enough to make ends meet. So you offer a great suggestion! Thanks!

    Ba Doozer:
    I couldn’t believe I did as well on that skills test for Excel as I did! I’m hoping to actually learn how to use the program for what it’s intended for. It is quite intimidating…I hate opening up a blank spreadsheet and trying to make something of it.

    Thanks for sharing…it’s a great, yet still sad reminder to me that so many others have gone through what I’m going through and are coming out of it for the better.

    And 67 ain’t old! Age is nothing more than a state of mind. And for what it’s worth, my half-brothers are knocking on their 60’s…I was a very late arrival!

    I’m so happy you want to stick around. Welcome!

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