Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, September 29, 2007

Papa Gundy

OK. So I’m sitting here surfing the web with ESPN’s “College Gameday” on in the background. And they air a segment on this:

This is Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy…ahem…addressing this article written in The Oklahoman last weekend. Now I’m not going to get into the particulars of the article itself, or if Ms. Carlson was over the line in writing it, but I feel compelled to comment on Coach Gundy’s response.

Right. On.

This is what a college football coach should be. And he is absolutely right that the athlete in question, QB Bobby Reid, is indeed an amateur. Reid’s not getting paid to play, he’s playing because he loves the game. And I admire Coach Gundy for sticking up for his player like this and trying to protect him.

No matter how old you are, or how much you’re getting paid to play a professional sport, it’s never easy to read such negative press directed at you. Sure, you can grow a thicker skin, laugh it off, whatever…but deep down it still stings even the most seasoned athletic veteran. And I think that sometimes the media do get a little big for their britches when it comes to covering college sports.

Bravo, Coach Gundy. I know it was a difficult decision to bench Reid. And I know he’s gotta feeling pretty low about it. And to have such hurtful things said about him in the newspaper couldn’t have helped any, and I appreciate your desire to be more than a coach to your players.

I think what I like the most about this so-called ‘tirade’ is the fact that not once did it have to be censored.

And now Gundy’s taking quite a hit in the press over his response. Bah! I say. It SO doesn’t matter. And I hope that his coach/player relationship with Bobby Reid has been solidified after this…heck…with all his players. No matter what his win/loss record is throughout his years as a coach, he is indeed a gem to college football.


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