Posted by: Tricia | Monday, October 1, 2007

At the hospital

So here I am at the University of Michigan hospital’s cafeteria. The IB is in for his little operation on the family jewels, and thankfully, the cafeteria has wi-fi! I’m having what has to be at least my fourth cup of coffee since getting up this morning, and frankly, it’s tasting quite bitter at this point.

Everything has gone well so far this morning…we were a few minutes late, but that’s pretty typical. The OR was a little backed up, anyway. The IB was getting quite restless, and I couldn’t put him down and let him go exploring the pre-op area, due to the other patients. Everyone sure thought he was a cute little guy, though!

So finally they come to take him away from me, and that point, I’m ready. My arms are so tired from trying to keep him corralled and entertained, I’m ready for the relief! But now that he’s gone, and I can’t get to him, I miss him so much!

When we got to our pre-op cubby, there was a child next door who was bald. Ya know, you hear about kids with cancer, you see the ads on TV all the time for St. Jude’s, or whatever…but it always stays somewhat distant and detached when you see it on the TV screen. But this child…and frankly, I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl…I just wanted to scoop up and love! He/She was in good spirits, like it was old hat. Which makes me sad, in a way. Surgery and other such intrusive medical procedures should not be so well known to a child this age. Kudos, to the youngster, though, for apparently being strong and mature enough to roll with the punches that life has so unfairly dealt him/her.

The IX had said a while back that he wanted to be here for the IB’s surgery. I said that would be fine with me, and gave him all the info. I haven’t been looking forward to him being around for this…I wasn’t planning on talking with him much, or really having too much to do with him. That’s why I decided to bring the laptop……………………


1:00 PM
I got paged to go be with the IB in the recovery room, so I had to cut it off. Everything went fine, and we’re now back home, and the IB’s up in his own little beddy-bye, sleeping off the residual effects of the anesthesia.

So anyway, just as we find a spot in the parking garage, I get a text from the IX, saying he slept late and wouldn’t make it. Whatever…it seems like in this situation, better late than never is the name of the game. I’m upset for the the IB’s sake, but was relieved for my own sake.


The IB came through the procedure with flying colors, and was extremely cranky and out of sorts when I got to him. He lethargically cried for about 30-45 minutes. The nurses seemed to be a little concerned about this, but I assured them that it was just his tenacity shining through. He didn’t even want to suck his thumb, or drink any juice, or anything! But finally, he snuggled his ‘boppy,’ (his cloth diaper that’s his little security blanket) stuck his thumb in his mouth and let it go.

He still hasn’t eaten anything today, but he seemed like he needed a nap more than he was hungry. So when he wakes up, I’ll be sure to give him lots of his favorite foods. Bless that sweet little itty-bitty heart…

I’ll be back later, hopefully. I think I could use a bit of a snooze myself.



  1. It wrenches my heart to see the itty bitties go through any kind of surgery…minor or otherwise.

    I pray that your IB does well and that his mommy gets some much needed rest. These hospital visits can be ‘killers’.

    Take care…

  2. Thanks, in_spired! It has been a draining day, but I think we’ll get through it. The IB has been sleeping off and on throughout the day, and when he’s awake is vacillating between out-of-sorts and lethargy. I have a feeling the epidural-type anesthesia has worn off and he’s feeling quite a bit of soreness down there.

    My poor sweet Itty Bitty…

  3. I’m glad everything went well! sounds like you both came through as troopers…as for the late sleeper, some X’s need’s stabbin

  4. Good to hear it went well. I also enjoy hearing your love for IB.

  5. Re: the IX: I believe you just nod in the South and say, “Mmmmm-hmmmm”

  6. Wow, Tricia, I’m so glad everything went well. Get some rest, y’all need it!

    God bless.

  7. Thanks for all your well wishes, guys! Y’all are the best!

    My response to the IX’s text “woke up late. Alright if i don’t make it?” was, in its entirety:


    Southern charm? Still got it. 😉

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