Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Post-op update

We’re just about back to normal around here with the IB. He’s back to his sweet little self, but still seems to have a little discomfort. He had two small incisions, and his poor little sack is all black & blue. They gave us a prescription for Tylenol 3, but I haven’t had it filled, and at this point probably won’t. The OTC stuff seems to be doing the trick.

His stitches cannot be submerged, so we’re having to do sponge baths for the week until they dissolve. What a pain. He got his first one last night. I ended up putting him into the empty bathtub with a little hospital washbasin full of soapy water and got him cleaned up that way. His hair needed the most attention, given that he likes to take his hands that have food all over them and rub them all over his head.

The one thing I’ve enjoyed post-op is how snuggly he’s been. He’s been laying his head on my shoulder, and just wanting to sit on my lap. He’s normally not like that, much to my chagrin. (Neither was the RK…sigh.) I like that version of the IB. I hope it continues.

Sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday like I said I would. Now I’m off to get some other stuff taken care of that I’ve been procrastinating on. Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Glad to know IB it doing well. Now go do the stuff that we all have to do in order to keep going.

  2. You, too, have a good Wednesday! Enjoy those snuggles with the IB.

  3. Enjoy the huggy bear while you can, girl! I’m glad he’s doing well, and that you’re doing well!
    Have a great week…and thanks for your prayers.

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