Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, October 11, 2007

I really hate trying to come up with witty post titles.

My house is a mess. I need to do laundry. And here I sit.

The IB woke up yesterday morning as usual, we took the RK to the bus stop, came back, and I fed him breakfast. After that, he slowed down. Cranky. Lethargic. Listless. Uh oh…he feels a little warm. I took him upstairs and for the first time in his life, I took his temperature. Holy moly, 103º!

I’m not the type to flip out and be an over-worrisome mom, but since he was just nine days out from his surgery, I decided I better call the doctor just to be safe. I talked to the nurse at the pediatrician’s office, and upon her recommendation, the nurse at the pediatric surgery office at the hospital as well. And we concluded that it’s not related to the surgery, and just a normal bug. Motrin was called for.

He slept most of the day yesterday, and when he wasn’t sleeping, he just sat on my lap. Just sat there. He never just sits! But I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. I’m at my mommy-finest when my kids are sick.

So we sat there and watched Noggin. And for the first time, I actually watched it with my undivided attention. Have any of you ever seen “The Upside Down Show?” What a great show! Its basis is using one’s imagination, and it’s these two guys who have incredibly vivid, creative, and hilarious imaginations. I laughed out loud the whole way through the show! I’m gonna start making sure the TV is tuned in, more for my sake than the IB’s.

So anyway, his fever broke around 4:00 PM, and he started to come back to his usual self, but never made it all the way. I remember the RK used to do that when he was younger…have these phantom fevers with no other symptoms that would go away without incident. My guess is it’s his little body is heading off some nasty bug right at the pass. Fine by me!

Brrrrr….fall has returned! I’ve busted out my fuzzy sweatshirts and have started putting socks on my feet. I’m dreading winter. I don’t do snow. I hate being cold. But then again…I love snuggling in a warm bed, or under a warm blanket, drinking nice hot coffee or tea, enjoying homemade soup or stew. But that’ll get old really quick. Argh…the winters up here are so long. Come on, May 2008!

On the online dating front, I haven’t heard back from that one guy. Eh…so be it. Chicken. As for the slight resemblance of a debate that almost got started on my last post, I’ve weighed the various perspectives and have come to a conclusion. Perhaps I should be a little more shady about my past & current situation…for a short while, at least. Just until I can fully demonstrate my innate awesomeness, and get it to where whomever it is I’m communicating with clearly understands that I am who I am, and while my particular circumstances do look rather questionable at first glance, I’m a conscientious woman and possess the strength of character to keep said circumstances from consuming my whole psyche. But it’s definitely not something I want to be holding back for too long…because then, it would make me look like I’m into deception and hiding important facts whose revelation is ultimately crucial to entering into any sort of meaningful, healthy, mutually trusting relationship, be it friendship or beyond.

So there. Game plan tweaked.

OK then. I think the tangled-up, mangled-up thoughts swirling around in my head have now been purged. I guess I should go clean my kitchen now. Crap.


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