Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, October 18, 2007

RIP Kris…

Now I must tell y’all about the milestone in the RK’s life that was reached last night.

He’d had a loose tooth for quite a while, and when he brushed his teeth last night, he hollered down to me that it was bleeding, so he was going to get it outta there. My first thought: “Oh no, I don’t have any cash to play tooth fairy!”

So I made a decision. I was going to ‘fess up. He already had his suspicions, so I decided this was to be the death of the tooth fairy. And he was cool with it…no big deal. We negotiated that I’d give him $2 for this tooth when I do get some cash, since for his last tooth the tooth fairy didn’t have anything smaller than a five-spot.

We go on up to his room, and he climbs in bed. And he says something to the effect of, “Yeah, and I bet Santa’s not real, either.”

I just grinned.

And once again, I ‘fessed up. His reaction again was pretty much one like, “I KNEW it!” But then I let him know that there’s still so much fun to be had…after all, there is the IB to think of, and he can be my Santa’s Helper for his baby brother. He got pretty excited about this.

And then, I threatened his life. I told him that if it gets back around to me that he’s been telling his friends, or the smaller kids on the bus what he now knows, I will nail him to the wall. Then he asked, “Can I tell [the IB]?” I told him sure, the IB doesn’t know the difference yet. So first thing we got up the next morning, the RK spilled it all to the IB. It was funny.

As for my end of this, I’m more relieved than anything. Last Christmas was rough. I had to be so stealthy. I bought a bunch of brand new wrapping paper that he wouldn’t recognize. I signed gift tags in big block letters. I had to come up with better hiding places. I had to explain away the package that arrived from the UPS man during dinner one night a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was rough.

I also talked with him about how much fun moms and dads have playing Santa for their kids. And how Santa can always live on as long as we let him. It was pretty awesome…

…right up until he started negotiating his presents for this Christmas. Good grief.

So thus ends a major part of the RK’s childhood. I’m not really all that sad since I still have the IB to have fun with at Christmas, and I know the RK will be eager to take on this new role by my side.



  1. It’s good that he took it so well. I can’t even remember how old I was when I found out.

  2. I was RK’s age when I “found out”, though I had alread suspected. But the spirit of Santa is still with our grown kids…none of them will *say* “I don’t believe”. They’re so funny.

    I had promised myself I wasn’t going to check blogs until next week. Have had a lot to do but I couldn’t stand it any longer. I just had to check on you this afternoon.

    Is tonight “still on”?

  3. Okay…no report, and it’s freakin’ Sunday.

    Did you have fun?

    Helloooooooo…is anybody home?

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