Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, October 18, 2007

The ‘I ain’t got no job’ blues

Unbelievably, yesterday ended up being the productive day I had wanted it to be. I actually made it to the temp agency. I walked in, and when the woman looked at my resume, she informed me that as a general consensus, companies won’t hire me for the job I’m looking for because I have no recent job experience. Then she asks me if I’d be willing to do some light manual labor-type jobs just to get some experience under my belt.

I said, “Possibly.”

She says, “We actually have an opening right now in a wonderful local bakery that does lots of internet orders, and they need some help packaging and shipping their orders all over the world. And I heard they’ll feed you lunch everyday.”

My first thought was, “Oh yeah…I could do that!” And then my second thought was, “I could probably put on some weight working there, too!” (Which would actually be a good thing. I’m but a puff of my former self.)

So then she says, “Let’s get you going on the inspection testing for right now.” OK…this should be interesting. I take a seat at a table with a very large black man, who I find out has the same name as the IX. I start in on the tests he’s already completed, and they consist of comparing drawings of various hardware components, like a circuit breaker, a vice, a micrometer, etc. to a sample drawing and marking which ones were not exactly like the sample. Then it’s on to a sorting test. Little plastic cards with numbers on them that can be quite similar to other numbers. For example: One card might have the number 33D9247, and the next would have 33D9427. There were eight different part numbers like this, and I had to sort the little cards into the eight bins with the same number. It was a mild mental challenge.

When I completed all this, it was around 3:00 at this point. I asked the attendant if I could get going on the computer skills testing. And she kind of poo-poo’ed this idea, saying they were closing in an hour and a half, blah, blah, blah, but that I’d probably have time to do the data entry test. Great, I say. And then she makes a point to inform me that I can take the test as many times as I need or want to, and that the only scores they’ll keep for me are the ones I’m satisfied with. OK, thanks for the info.

She leads me over to a computer station and gets me going on the alphanumeric portion. No sweat. And then I do the numeric (10-key) test. When I let her know I’m finished about 15 minutes later, she comes over and checks my results, and with a very surprised tone in her voice, she says, “Oh! You scored ‘excellent’ on both! Alright then…”

[Begin snotty, entitled, pride-tainted whining]
Yeah, I may not have any recent job experience on my resume, but I do have skills. And frankly, I think it really sucks that I’m probably going to have to do some menial, unchallenging job that doesn’t pay nearly as well for a while before I can get a job I really want and would be really good at.
[End snotty, entitled, pride-tainted whining]

So be it…I know I’m starting out at quite a disadvantage. ‘Stay-at-home mom’ has no place on a resume in the competitive job market I know I’ll be good at. And whatever job I end up at for now, I’ll do my best with a willing servant’s heart. That’s just the way I am. And while I still have issues, I’m trying to mold my attitude into one of not being ashamed of making an honest living, no matter what the particular job description. The reality is, I’m not ‘too good’ for anything. And I will be grateful for whatever opportunity I’m given to help provide for my family. And I will have a cheerful attitude on the job, knowing that God has something to show me wherever I end up, and will leave a positive impression on my supervisors, and fellow co-workers.

That bakery thing, though…that really sounds like an enjoyable job!

And today I have to go back to watch some really lame videos…on-the-job safety, and stuff like that. And I have a feeling they’re going to be as hokey and boring as the cassette tape I had to listen to before doing the sorting test. Yup, a cassette tape. And it was in one of those little portable players like the one I got for my third birthday. And the dude on the tape must’ve been absent the day God handed out personalities. The word that comes to mind is ‘primitive.’

Before heading out to the temp agency, I spent most of the morning on the phone with the phone company, the satellite company, and the cable internet company. I got these services downgraded and stripped down to help save some money each month. And it turns out I got in on a promotional rate with the cable company so I’m getting my cable internet (which is unnoticeably slower now) for $40/mo. less for the next year! SCORE!

The RK lost a handful of his occasionally-watched channels, but nothing too devastating for him. Besides, it would be a good lesson for him (and yes, for me too) if I had the whole thing shut down completely. I told him, though, that I was making some sacrifices, too. I think the biggest one is I gave up MSNBC. That’s what I watch during the day when there’s nothing else on that I care to watch.

And really…BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL. It almost seems silly to even use the word ‘sacrifice’ for this sort of thing.

I must admit to keeping the F0x Sports channels, though, just ’til the end of football season. The ‘Horns play on that network quite often. Then after it’s over, I’ll downgrade my plan even more.

OK, that’s all I have time for for now. I’ve got another great story about the RK to tell y’all later. Turns out last night ended up being quite a milestone in his transition to adulthood.



  1. I think your approach to all of this is on target. Personally, I find nothing more frustrating and annoying than a job search (which fortunately I no longer have to do… but remember it well). I’d definitely take the job that was offered to you. Sometimes we are being led where we’re meant to be for secondary reasons. 🙂 A good friend is waiting for you there.. or you’ll hear about something good there.



  2. Eventually I’ll be re-entering the job market and I’m not looking forward to how hard it will be. There was a time when it was pretty easy for me to get a job but I haven’t been working in a very long time. Not consistently anyway, because I’ve been at home with the kids. In another year that will change.

    You are doing great. You have such a great attitude about all of this.

  3. yeah, I’m signed up with a temp agency right now and so far I haven’t been able to do any of their jobs because of time constraints…

  4. I want to say that I admire your tenacity and willingness to make sacrifices. I agree that it is unfortunate that our society doesn’t appreciate the skills that it takes to run a household. I couldn’t do it – thank God for my wife. Also, your willingness to consider a job that some might consider beneth them is admirable. I have no doubt that you will succeed in this new life challenge.

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