Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated

Yes, I’m still here! I am so sorry I’ve been AWOL from the blogosphere this week, but things have been muy loco. I’ve been back and forth to the temp agency a few times, which I must write more about later.

As for the date…we had a very nice time, but no fireworks. He’s a wonderful guy, but as for our respective life stages right now, he’s actually much older than me beyond the seven chronological years that separate us. I just got the feeling he’d be a little more of a stuffed-shirt type, as opposed to being able to make me laugh until tears roll down my cheeks on a regular basis.

I woke up Saturday morning with practically debilitating back pain (which happens on a regular basis, if you catch my drift), which put me in a foul mood. I didn’t handle everything with the guy very well, and I felt pretty horrible about it until I could talk it over with him. And that didn’t happen until Tuesday.

So…two down.

I mentioned earlier I’ve been to the temp agency a couple of times this week. I’ve been doing some more skills testing, in hopes of getting a one-month medical records clerk job. And I flunked the test! It wasn’t that hard, either, but I guess my brain wasn’t functioning at full capacity. I had ten minutes to complete 75 questions, and only got through 43. With no errors, though. I have to wait a month before I can retake it. So no job doing exactly what I want to do.

So the bakery thing…yeah, that ain’t gonna happen, either. It turns out they wanted me to work for a while starting at 6:30 AM, later on moving to 2nd shift. Which, with my kids, I can’t do either. It was a really great opportunity, too…it was for a team captain-sort of job, where I’d be overseeing my own little team of employees. But the hours is just the reason why I’m looking for something in an office, that has regular business hours that coincide with the RK’s school schedule.

I’m still faxing and emailing resumes, too. That is, now that I can dial long distance on my landline again. Turns out I had my phone service cut down too much! I had a 10¢/min. long distance plan on my phone that cost me a flat fee of $2/month. I didn’t realize I had to have this plan to be able to dial long distance at all; I was thinking I’d still be able to dial long distance for a higher per minute rate. Given that the only thing I ever use that phone for is faxing (which is sporadic), and the RK uses it to call his buddies in the neighborhood (which is free), I came to the conclusion that I would save money by foregoing the monthly charge and paying a higher per-minute charge. So I had them take it off.

Some great admin jobs have been posted on the local newspaper’s job website, so I’ve been trying to fax my resume. And I’ve been getting a consistent busy signal. I even called one place asking if their fax is working properly, and he assured me it was, to just keep trying. I even tried all weekend long! Busy signal. It just so turns out that’s because my phone line wouldn’t let me call that number because it was a local toll call! I got clued in to this when the same thing happened with another fax number.

So the $2/month is back on my phone bill, and I’m a faxing fool now. I haven’t sent my resume in to that first place (the one where I called to ask about their fax machine), because I noticed their ad is gone from the website. Maybe today I’ll call them and see if the position’s been filled, just in case.

So there’s my update. I’ve got some stuff around here to get done, so I’m leaving it at this for now. Hopefully I’ll find some time to get back on here today to write a little less narratively. Happy Thursday to you all!



  1. tricia,

    All I can say is just don’t give up! Something good is just around the corner, waiting for you. (employment AND date wise)

    Have a good day…

  2. It sounds almost overwhelming, trying to do both at once. The job thing ~ that is always obnoxious, no matter how you approach it.

    Do you know anyone who can help you get a job somewhere? Also, I do recall being told to sign up with multiple agencies.

    I’ll be interested to read about your next set of adventures. 🙂

  3. Gah, dating just sucks now! It’s so hard to really get to know someone.

    Have you tried wireless/cell phone stores for sales work? They pay pretty well, and usually require their own training programs anyways so experience isn’t always the main thing theiy’re looking for. They mostly want someone who can be nice and mature with customers.

    Just a thought…no hassles.

  4. Have you put your resume on Monster? You’d be amazed at the postings there.

  5. good deal, you’re going to find a job soon, I am too!

  6. Hey, girl, you okay?

  7. Hey y’all! Thanks for all the great advice, and well wishes! I love y’all so much…

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