Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kinda sorta random

Go visit In_spired’s post for today. She shares with us some really interesting factoids about the great state of Texas. While I already had heard most of them, it didn’t fail to give me some internal pangs of homesickness. We native Texans tend to be a little obnoxious about where we hail from, but for good reason, I think! How does that saying go…

It ain’t braggin’ if it’s the truth!

And being reminded of the wonderfulness of Texas makes me all the happier that I decided at the age of 30 to get a little Texas flag tattoo’ed on my ankle.

I went to the RK’s parent/teacher conference last night, and I left there on cloud nine…he has made amazing strides since I last attended a p/t conference, and his teacher sincerely expressed how much she enjoys having him in her class. He’s very well behaved, takes responsibility for his stuff and getting his work finished, and is respectful. THAT’S MY BOY! He’s still a little bit behind on his level of reading, and I know this could be easily remedied if I buckle down and start reading with him more here at home. It’s mainly because we don’t have the same taste in reading material. I want to read something with a story, and he wants to read something informational. I get bored with informational reading. Guess it’s time for me to act like a grown-up and SUCK IT UP!

I have to wonder how much of his improvement might actually be a result of his dad not being here anymore. I’ve totally taken over every aspect of the RK’s schooling, and for good reason. The IX has no concept of how to talk to the RK on his level, or guide the RK to figure something out for himself. He talks over his head, imposes methods for doing homework completely different from the way RK was taught at school, and usually ends up frustrating the RK to the point of tears. Ummm…yeah. We’re glad that’s over! So I’ve taken total charge of the RK’s schooling, helping with homework, and am trying to implement have implemented a strict homework schedule and regimen for the evenings.

So last night, I decided to take the boys out to eat. We went back here, finally. The RK certainly deserved the treat after the glowing reviews he got from his teacher! And the IB had fun, too. Except for the fact that he didn’t like the mac & cheese I got for him and his dinner consisted solely of french fries.

I got an interesting text this morning. It was from a number I didn’t already have programmed, but given the fact that I can remember phone numbers way too easily and for way too long after they’re relevant to my life, I noticed that it was one digit away from the homewrecker’s number. Yup, the IX got a new phone number, just one digit away from hers. And what’s funny is I have a sneaking suspicion as to what prompted this right now.

I had to buy a new cell phone a week or so ago. I managed to toss my old phone into the washing machine with a load of laundry! I fished it out right away, and as time went on, its functions steadily returned. (Caution: Shameless rationalization ahead.) But given that this is my main phone, I wasn’t comfortable depending on a phone that had been compromised in such a way, no matter that it appears to be working just fine. Besides, I hated my old phone, and was thankful for the excuse to get rid of it. So off to the cell phone store I go, ready to put a big ol’ charge on my credit card since I’m not willing to renew my contract or change my plan. I pick out one that’s AWESOME. It functions just the way I want it to, and I’m very happy with it.

So the IX sees my phone. And he’s one of those who has the mindset of “Well, if you get something new and cool, I get to, too!” He was actually that way through our entire marriage. I know for a fact he wouldn’t admit to this particular instance, but I know my new phone is more than likely what at least indirectly prompted this. And how amusing is it that he decided to change his phone number so that it sits right next to her number like that? Again, my response: PUKE.

All right…gotta get some stuff done before the RK gets home around 12:30. Hope y’all are having a wonderful Thursday!



  1. Hang in there with RK. (and, by the way, he doesn’t sound like he would be a ‘rotten kid’!)

    Advice from an old teacher: read, read, read…as much as you can; not necessarily the same thing…just at the same time. Let him see how important it is to read. You read your stuff…let him read his stuff and then share what you’ve read. Gosh, I could write you a novel here in this comment box about reading.

    “Knowing how to read and not reading is no better than not knowing how to read at all.”

    (I’ll be checking in for a p/t conference later…lol!)

  2. Oh, yes! Forgot to say thanks for the ‘plug’ for my blog. Glad you enjoyed the Texas trivia.

  3. Congrats to the RK, and to you, as well, for being a great mom!

    PS – what about the “Hank the CowDog” series? Would he like that?

  4. well what did the text message say?

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