Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crazy weekend!

I think I’m just about recovered from what was an awesome, fun, exhausting weekend! Two different guys, two enjoyable evenings.

Friday night was dining on Mexican food with P. And the restaurant even had Pacifico, my favorite (and his as well) Mexican beer! And things turned out very differently than what I expected. I had a great time with him! We had some great conversation, and it didn’t hurt that he’s muy guapo. He even had these cute little reading glasses that he put on to read the menu.

I went ahead and cut it short with him, bailing on our original plan of going out to play pool after dinner, which was fine with him. He’s actually a bit of a cripple right now, having hurt his knee a few weeks ago. He’s had one surgery on it, and is scheduled to have another in a month or so. So playing pool seemed daunting, at best! I was quite exhausted, too…the Fridays that the boys go with their dad are always crazy and tiring for me as it takes me the whole day to get them ready.

Saturday night was my night to play pool, but with M. And again, this was another enjoyable evening. We really enjoyed each other’s company, but I discovered that the initial attraction I had for him from our emails and phone conversations was sorta waning. But not so much that I don’t want to see him again, though.

Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Online dating lesson #15821: Don’t even bother having any sort of expectations before you meet someone face to face!

So anyway, on Sunday morning, I find an email waiting for me. Here’s a bit of it:


I think you are going to learn a thing or two about me from this e-mail… so, here I go…

I have this bad habit of always trying to identify moments or people in my life with music, it is kind of weird but sometimes I don’t even have to think about it… it just happens all the time…
So, as I was doing my choirs at home this morning while I was listening to my music and this specific song came on… and all of a sudden I related it to you… I was like “This is Trish’s song, that’s so cool”… and I thought about keeping it to myself… but then I realized that is very important for a friendship to share these kind of things… You know what I mean ???… I think it builds trust…

I related it to you because I think it reflects a little bit what you want to do… move on and look forward to your future…

Well, the song is from Van Halen, the title is “Dreams”
I attached it to the e-mail… I hope you like it…

World turns black and white
Pictures in an empty room
Your love starts fallin down
Better change your tune
Reach for the golden ring
Reach for the sky
Baby just spread your wings

We’ll get higher and higher straight up we’ll climb
We’ll get higher and higher leave it all behind

Run, run, run, away
Like a train runnin off the track
The truth gets left behind
And falls between the cracks
Standing on broken dreams
But never losing sight
Spread your wings


So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you’ve cried
Ohh that’s what dreams are made of
Oh baby we belong in a world that must be strong
Ohh that’s what dreams are made of


Higher and higher who knows what we’ll find

And in the end on dreams we will depend
Cause that’s what love is made of

Ok…um…yeah. …swoon… I don’t think I need to say how awesome this was. So who was it from? Believe it or not, it was from P! Oh my…it still makes me grin to think of it. The lyric that really jumped out at me was “Standing on broken dreams/But never losing sight”

So I definitely want to see both of them again! Which sure does make this hard! But oh…this is fun.



  1. I LOVE that song! That 5150 album brings back some memories. Like the first Van Halen Monsters of Rock tour.

    Geez, that makes me sound old.

    I like his habit of associating things with music, though. I’m the very same way. I even have a mental list in my head of the soundtrack of my life.

    He sounds cool.

    Good tip about the online dating thing too. I’ll have to remember that 😉

  2. he was doing his “choirs”?? how adorable.

  3. Lone Chatelaine: Oh, me too! It had been so long since I’d heard that song, too. It was great! I made sure to let him know how wrong he is in calling it a ‘bad’ habit, too.

    Are you computer savvy enough to round up all those songs that are your life’s soundtrack, import them to your computer, and put them on a CD-R? Or do you do iTunes for those songs you don’t already own? That’d be cool.

    Liv: I KNOW! 🙂

  4. Oh, yeah I’m always recording CDs and making playlists for my mp3 player. I usually download anything I don’t already have from Bearshare or some other online place. I’m kind of obsessive about my music on my computer. I have at least 2000 songs on my hard drive.

    *my big geek is showing*

  5. Glad you had a great time!!

  6. Hi! saw you over at Buffalos, you talked about food its a magnet to me. Glad I came over great blog.

  7. Decided to wait on doing the brisket! I have a good one in the freezer but this morning I saw at the grocery store they were selling 2lb cuts of uncooked brisket(what in the cornbread hell would anyone use a dinky pc like that for, anyway!!??) for 8 bucks a pound! Go into a Meijers and ask them for one with the deckle point still on- betcha 10 bucks they won’t know what you’re talking about!

  8. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know what a deckle point is. You can guarantee I will before the day’s over, though!

    I’ve found brisket at Sam’s before…are you a member? And I think Kroger has them from time to time, too.

    For those of you who might be wondering what in the hell we’re talking about, click here.

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