Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chapter 1: Best. Birthday. Ever.

I’m really a little peeved at myself for my long hiatus from this journal. Because now that it’s been so long and there’s so much to write about, I don’t know where to start. One of my ‘quirks’, I guess you could call it, is that I look too easily at the big picture, as opposed to breaking it up into more manageable, more tolerable steps. I’m feeling like I need to make up for all my lost time on here all at once, and that’s quite daunting. I’m trying to talk myself down from it, telling myself, “Just start writing again. Whatever you want. Don’t worry about summarizing all the events of the past nine months…just write.

But I do know I want to talk about things that have happened during my absence from the blogosphere as opposed to just setting a new starting point.

First of all, P. The shock of it coming to an end wore off a long time ago, but I’m still very curious to know what was really going through his mind to bring an end to it. Because we were really on a roll! The relationship I was building with him was exactly what I wanted…mature, deep…with a foundation of friendship laid first. We were so good at expressing what was on our minds to each other, and in turn, really listening to each other as well. Right at the beginning, we were so great about not moving too quickly. We discussed it like rational human beings, agreeing on “The Plan.” Tee hee…

As you may or may not remember, our friendship turned the corner around mid-January. My birthday was coming up on a Saturday in early March, so he decided he wanted to take me on a weekend trip to a mystery destination. It was a big secret diabolical plan that he worked really, really hard on. It involved tickets. It involved planning activities on Google Earth. (He warned me not to open it on his computer, or all would be spoiled!) He wouldn’t even tell me what mode of transportation we would be taking. And I could tell it involved a relatively sizeable dollar amount. He was going to do it up big, and he was having a ball taunting me with it in the days leading up to my birthday!

But that wasn’t The Plan. The Plan was that we decided we were going to wait until my birthday trip to…ahem…kick it up a notch, shall I say. And we stuck to it! It certainly wasn’t easy, though. But the fact is, we were both in total agreement about it, and that’s what was so cool. From the day we made that decision until the time came, he’d send me a text message every morning counting down the number of days. It was quite amusing.

“So Trish, where did he take you???”

I know, I know…I’m getting to that. I came up with all kinds of guesses…NYC, Dallas, California, Boston with a detour to see my mom, etc. But no…we drove over to Chicago! After living up here for the better part of ten years, I’d never been to Chicago. So I was thrilled! And the tickets were for Wicked! He reserved a room in a beautiful hotel, made dinner reservations at the Chicago Chop House (the best steak I’ve ever had in my life) before the show, found a great little hole-in-the-wall jazz bar for Friday night, etc. It was totally amazing, and I felt like such a queen! Definitely the best birthday I’ve ever had in my adult years.

Fairy tale, no?

Another way we were so like-minded: our kids. He held my boys in the highest of respect, and asked that when the time comes for him to meet the RK, that I find a babysitter for the IB so the time could be focused on just the RK. He got to pick what we did, and he picked eating at Red Lobster. After that night, the two of them got along great…P would come over after work and have dinner with us, and while I was getting chores done, putting the IB to bed, etc., the two of them would be over here on my laptop shopping for video games on eBay. Or P would help the RK with his homework. There are no words for how things seemed to be going…’perfect’ doesn’t even seem to do it.

But while I had taken the plunge with bringing him into the lives of my boys, I started to notice that he wasn’t so eager to do the same with me and his girls…

…I’ll hit on that next time around. As for now, I’m off to beddy-bye.



  1. I’m really curious about him too now, Trish. This reads like a short story or something. Or a movie!

    Chicago sounds nice đŸ™‚

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