Posted by: Tricia | Monday, September 29, 2008

Memorable weekend

I really hate that I always forget about Monday Night Football now that it’s not on regular broadcast TV. That, and the fact that it has been replaced with Dancing with the Stars.

Which, by the way, seems a little off-kilter this season. Somebody please get that woman Samantha off the show! She’s a terrible interviewer, and she makes me uncomfortable. I can only imagine what the competitors think of her. And what they say behind her back.

And I don’t think I recall there ever being this amount of really, really negative criticism from the judges! Poor Rocco. I think he’s hot.

Some of it’s well-deserved, though. Kim K. has lost her personality. If she ever had one, that is…I know she’s been on some reality TV show, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually seen her. Can lobotomies be reversed? She’s definitely the next one I want to see go.

And for a gay man, Lance sure slapped one hot kiss on Lacey at the end of their routine. And how much does she rock…the female youth (and some not-so-much-youth) of the world heaved a collective sigh of disappointment when Lance came out of the closet, knowing that their chances with him were gone forever. And yet Lacey, Miss Thang, can say she’s kissed him. That’s one smart cookie right there.

We got to host two great kids from the U of Wisconsin band Friday night, and were treated to two great halftime performances from the entire band, as well as the local high school band. M & J are both saxophone players, and both seniors. They were both very nice, and we had fun comparing & contrasting the traditions between the UW band and Longhorn Band.

At the performance, the RK had a great time. He was quite impressed after his first real exposure to a real-live marching band halftime show, and I think now he’s starting to open up to the idea of participating when his time comes. And…the IB LOVED IT! He sat on my lap the whole time, completely mesmerized…and when it was time for applause, he was the most enthusiastic little clapper of us all. SO CUTE!

The UW band does something post-game called the 5th quarter. And it’s crazy. We did the chicken dance, they played ‘Tequila’ and we were all doing the Pee-Wee Herman dance, and then three of the trombones came and played ‘Hey Baby’ in the stands right in front of us giving the RK an up close & personal view of just what he could become someday.

And did I mention how cute the IB was?

Watching both bands gave me those butterflies in my stomach, remembering days past. I think what impresses me so much about it is how you see all these kids dressed in the same outfit, and they’re just milling around…running to find their spot, practicing their music, chatting with friends. And then…

…with the blow of a whistle, all of a sudden the kids are gone and one big cohesive unit now exists. It amazed me to see it Friday night, even after having been a part of groups just as these for so long.

Marching bands, and those who comprise them, get such a bum rap. They’re really great, very cool kids who aren’t afraid of hard work, and they still know how to have lots of fun.

After the show, we came back home, the guys ate some of the leftover pizza I’d ordered for our dinner, and we just about killed a 12-pack of beer while watching a baseball game. It was so great hearing their stories, and getting to share a few of mine. We talked sports, we compared our respective bands’ traditions… But good grief, do they make me feel old! They were right around 2nd/3rd grade when I was their age. Gah.

The RK definitely thought they were pretty cool. He wanted to show them his room, his trombone, he even got it out and blew a few notes for us. And the IB didn’t take long to warm up to them as well. I’m so glad I took that leap and sent that email saying I’d volunteer. While my house never made it to the condition I wanted it to be, I think it went quite well overall. I wish this was a regular thing around this town, but it’s not. Just every few years or so does this happen. I hope we’re still around to do it next time!

I was pretty bummed for them after watching that Wisconsin/Michigan football game, too. Talk about CHOKE! That had to be one long trip back to Madison Saturday night.

Didn’t get to watch the Longhorns play, but I followed them on the computer while UofM was on the TV. That’s my boys! HOOK ‘EM! Because of their solid barbecuing of the Razorbacks, and a couple of…ahem…mishaps by 3 of the top five teams, Texas is now #5 in the polls! Yeehaw! This is leading up to a very, very exciting Red River Shootout on Oct. 11.

Off to bed now!


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