Posted by: Tricia | Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, how I love the Longhorns!

My friend/coworker B agreed to go to a sports bar to watch the game with me yesterday, even though she’s not a big football fan. Michigan was playing at the same time, so what few people were in there (it was a home game, so I think the majority of the Ann Arbor population were piled in the The Big House) were focused on watching the Wolverines get beat by Toledo, and the overhead audio was of course turned to that. So B & I just watched the Longhorns…didn’t listen to it. (I’m actually kicking myself now for not thinking of going to Damon’s, where they have those cool little individual speakers at each table where you can choose which audio feed you listen to.) We still had a great time…we were still able to follow the game, and I also discovered that I know referees’ hand signals for the various penalties better than I thought. If you know those, you don’t need the audio. I was all, “Oh…that was pass interference!” “False start.” And my personal favorite, the personal foul. Of which OU had two yesterday for the same thing…knocking down Colt McCoy when he was already out of bounds. (Actually, I’ve gotten pretty good at calling the penalties as they happen, then get confirmation from the refs that I was on the right track.)

Anyway, thinking back on the game now, the Longhorns knew what they were doing all day long. Although they trailed the Sooners in the first half, they kept it close and then turned on the juice in the second half to play the better game. Which is typical for them. At the end of the 2nd quarter, I leaned over to B and said, “Just wait for the second half. Texas always turns it on in the second half.”

Texas had 0 turnovers. Zero. They played impeccably. Colt McCoy demonstrated his amazing leadership yet again, but the game ball definitely has to go to Jordan Shipley, who is responsible for the momentum turning to Texas’ favor with his 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

I can’t publish this post without mentioning the names Chris Ogbonnaya & Quan Cosby, though. Props. Thanks, guys!

The game is being touted as an ‘instant classic.’ One for the ages. It’s the game we’ll be telling our grandkids about. And it thrills me to no end that the only thing sports writers and ESPN guys are talking about this morning is my Longhorns! My boys. The best team in college football, win or lose. They never fail to excite.

Win or lose.

I’m still a fan of them when they suck. They really sucked when I was in school there, but my blood still turned to orange. I think the biggest payoff for me now that they’re so awesome is that I get to watch them play more all the way up here in Michigan. When they were sucking, they wouldn’t get the national coverage they’re getting now.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I took my Longhorn banner and Texas flag and hung them on my front porch. My Longhorn banner hung in my cubicle this past week at work, and I caught all kinds of hell for that. (Not as much as if I were an Ohio State fan, though.) I’m thinking now I just might have to take my banner back up to work tomorrow, just to gloat a little.

When I was giving my own little analysis of the stats earlier in the post, I popped over to the Longhorns’ page on for the numbers. Right there at the top of the page was a video of the College Gameday guys giving their postgame commentary. If you missed this yesterday after the game like I did, you need to see it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While I love everything Chris, Lee & Kirk are saying in the foreground, the highlight of his little snippet is what’s going on in the background. I love the fact that the Longhorn Band’s director had the balls to go gloat a little at Lee Corso who had picked the Sooners to win. And on national television. AWESOME. I can just hear him…

“Hey band…we’re gonna go over there and let Lee know what a dumbass he was today.” OK, he probably didn’t say ‘dumbass,’ but still…

I’m so proud that I can call myself a former member of The Showband of the Southwest. Be right back…I’m gonna go watch it again.

Ha! Love it! What. A. Game.

It’s not smooth sailing for the ‘Horns now, though. While I’m relieved that Missouri lost last night, we have to play them next week. They’re good. Then it’s Oklahoma State, and then Texas Tech up in Lubbock. All ranked. All having great seasons. If we’re going to win he crystal football this year, we’re definitely gonna have to earn it. The Big XII is an animal this year.




  1. Yes, most definitely take your flag back to work and gloat in front of the Big 10-ers 🙂

    The band is one of my most favorite parts of football. I love it when the band enters the stadium with the drums echoing in the tunnel. Gives me chills every time.

  2. When I was in LHB, I was in the flag section. We took great pride that we were the ones who led the band down from the band hall, through the tunnel & into the stadium before the game. It was so cool to watch the people who were already in the stands see us coming, get on their feet and start clapping & singing the fight song with us. We fired ’em up, and I loved that I was a part of that.

    How boring would college football be without the band?

  3. It’s hard for me to get excited about the Texas Longhorns.

    They wouldn’t accept me 21 years ago when I applied.

    Something about my low SAT score or something.

    But, that’s okay because Southwest Texas State University was taking anybody who had a pulse at the time.

  4. Those damn SAT’s.

    I just barely got accepted, but didn’t take advantage of the opportunity I had been given. I never really wanted a career, so the drive wasn’t there. I managed to rack up about 72 hrs. towards a psych degree, though. I’d love to have the opportunity again and this time I’d major in music…would-coulda-shoulda’s.

    The real education I got isn’t on any sort of transcript.

    Oh, so you went to Southwasted, huh? Rock. If you have a degree, you’re still one-up on me.

  5. Go horns! So nice to get your response! Especially since it is 4 days later and I just now caught my breath! Yeah, it was a game! Truly, one for the ages!

    Keep flying that flag girl! Loving it! Hated to see them catapulted into the No. 1 spot on the BCA poll though,…no. 1 has nto been good to any of the other teams! But Mack won’t let them be overconfident! I forgot how much more FUN college football is than pro! (sunday sucked!)

    A&M lost…(good), TEch pulled one out. But I swear to you…tech will not beat us again in a crappy upset…right?

  6. […] thing went for it.  On my sheet I put a big red circle around Texas with arrows pointing to it.  B also picked Texas to win, and we were the only two who did. […]

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