Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No rhyme or reason

My burning bushes are really starting to burn. Exactly why I chose them for the front of my house. Fall is one thing that’s better about Michigan than West Texas. Yep, I said it. I’ll try to post a photo tomorrow.

I’m really bummed Roy Williams got traded to the Cowboys. But for my own selfish reasons. I’m thrilled for him! I once got his autograph not too long after he had graduated from Texas and had been drafted by the Lions. He and I took the same path. High school in the Permian Basin, college in Austin, then up to southeast Michigan. I have a Roy Williams #11 Lions jersey that’s been worn just once. Bummer. Here’s hoping Roy’s really able to spread his wings and utilize the talent he’s been blessed with down in Dallas. ‘Cuz it obviously wasn’t going to happen here. Just like Barry Sanders.

I haven’t even cared a lick about the election this year. I’m sick of the mudslinging commercials, and I’m halfway tempted to vote for Nader just to vote against McCain & Obama. I think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and founding fathers et al. are turning over in their graves over what our political process has turned into.  Sickening.

The IB and I are a little bit at odds right now.  He’s really turned into a feisty one.  His physical strength is frightening.  And one thing I need to try to teach him is to harness is his emotions.  The slightest little thing can set him off, and my warning to you if you’re in the same room is:  DUCK.  Yup, I think I have a MLB pitcher in training.  If he spills a few of his Goldfish on the floor, he gets all pissed off and throws the whole bowl.  Last night when the IX came to pick up the RK for Cub Scouts, he came in, grabbed the RK, and out they went, without hardly any sort of acknowledgement to the IB.  When they left, the IB ran to the closed door and slammed his head into it at full speed.  And that’s actually quite typical.  He’s given himself massive goose eggs right between the eyes on multiple occasions.  There’s even been a goose egg with a bonus of road rash when he decided to perform this little stunt out on the driveway.  Lovely.

Oh, but the boppies.  His boppies are nothing more than cloth diapers he uses as his little security blankets.  (The only time he sucks his thumb is when he has a boppy.  That’s pretty cute.)  And right now he’s going through this whole approach-avoidance thing where he’ll throw his boppy out of the crib, then scream for it.  I’ll give it back to him, and then out it goes again, and then more screaming.  This can go on and on.  I eventually tell him goodnight, rush out of his room before he can fling it back out again, and then let him scream it out for a little while.  After a few minutes, he wants that boppy bad enough, he decides not to throw it out again.

I hate that that’s our bedtime ritual right now.  I so crave snuggling with him in the rocking chair, but he wants nothing of that.  He wants to run around his room and play.  And I hate that he doesn’t want me to kiss him goodnight after I put him in his crib.  And then here goes the boppy-flinging.  I’m hoping this phase comes to a quick end.

Oh, and did I mention that he calls me ‘Daddy’?

I’ve got exactly six minutes to try to make it into bed before midnight.  Ready!  Set!  Go!



  1. First when I read Roy Williams, I was like “huh?!” Then I kept reading and realizing it was a different Roy Williams.

    I couldn’t agree on the mudslingin’ point more. What’s worse is that neither side sees it that way.

    Wait, your ex walks in, takes RK, ignores IB, and leaves, what the hell? (I haven’t read all about your idiot ex yet so I’m shocked and horrified by this)

    Hopefully his indecisiveness passes soon. And I thought I had cause for concern with Daybreak calling me “papa”. I’m guessing it’s because you are both to him but that is just that. A guess.

    By the way, congratulations on your new job Tricia. = )

  2. And wow, I’m one of your must-reads? Ma’am, were I lighter I’d be blushing right now.

  3. Yes you are, Kendall! I’m glad I found you early in your blog, because it didn’t take me that long to go back and read all your earlier posts. Lots of good stuff in there.

    I’d never thought about being both mom & dad to the IB being why he calls me Daddy. He calls me Mommy sometimes, too, though.

    And yes, I was pretty shocked and horrified by the IX’s behavior, too. They weren’t even in that big of a hurry.

  4. Ooooh, I bet the burning bushes are beautiful. We’re still mostly green down here, but starting to get some yellow and orange leaves in patchy places.

  5. […] only dim spot of the night was when the IB flew into one of his rages, and went right for the laptop and heaved it to the floor. Mommy freaked out, spanked his butt, and […]

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