Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, October 16, 2008

No rhyme or reason, part II

One question: Is Joe the Plumber single?  He’s kinda cute, and lives not that far from me. No more than an hour, actually.

My new blogger-friend Kendall raised an interesting point for me in his comments of my last post. The Dallas Cowboys now have two Roy Williams’s. Are they gonna have to go to putting their full names w/middle initials on their jerseys? And there’s a 1 in 26 chance that they even have the same middle initial! Oy vey… Good thing the other Roy Williams is on defense. Maybe the new Roy Williams can just change his last name to “Uno-Uno.”

That’s all I got for now. Gotta go put my nose to the grindstone. Yay.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!



  1. I kind of thought that Joe the Plumber was nice looking too. Go find him, Trish!

  2. Haha, I meant Roy Williams, UNC’s head coach for basketball. I didn’t know there was all ready another Roy on the Cowboys. Odd coincidences.

    Joe The Plumber reminds me of Mr. Clean and I now have the Bob The Builder theme song stuck in my head. Lovely.

  3. LC — I thought he was very well-spoken, intelligent, humble, and mature. I did find his employer’s phone number. He, however, is unlisted. Or maybe he’s gone strictly cell like so many of us have.

    Kendall — Bwahahahaha! I had no idea that was the Tarheels’ bball coach’s name. But yes, there are now two Roy Williams’s on the Dallas Cowboys team. And what’s really funny is…the one that was already there went to Oklahoma…so one’s from OU & the other’s a Longhorn.

    “Booooob the Builder…’Can We Fix it?’ Booooob the Builder….’Yes we can!'” Love that. The RK was Bob the Builder for Halloween a few years back.

    One question… what does Mr. Clean have to do with the Bob the Builder theme song?

  4. When I saw a picture of Joe the Plumber, he reminded me of Mr. Clean. Now replace the words Bob the Builder in the song with Joe the Plumber. Sorry, my mind works in crazy ways.

  5. Mr. Clean always kind of creeped me out to be honest. You’re alone tackling you kitchen chores, turn around and there’s a 7 foot tall bald man leaning against your kitchen counter. I’d of freaked and called the Bounty Guy to come kick some ass…and maybe a booty call!

    Haven’t seen Joe the Plumber…I TIVO’d the debate and we watched it tonight (we are so behind the times…expcept for TIVO!) I was doubting there even was a Joe the Plumber…and to pick a “main street” America analogy guy…both might have reconsidered and chosen someone who doesn’t have to put up with other people’s shit all day! Ya think? I’m just sayin….

    Yeah, two Roy Williams, which begs the question, where is Rory Williams these days? Oooo, maybe we could woo Ricky Williams back to Texas (dred the orange returneth!) Keepin’ up with the Williams’ might be a new catch phrase.

    I forgot how much more fun college ball is than the Pro’s anymore though. Saturday I lost my ever loving mind watching UT kick OU out of spot numero uno. Sunday, couldv’e gone to sleep watching Dallas -v- Arizona. Run, run, pass, punt…yada yada!

    Have a good weekend! And oh yeah, nice to meet you sista! I linky-linked ya!

  6. Kendall — aahh, yes. My mind can do the same thing. And thanks for getting the ‘Bob the Builder’ theme song stuck in my head! (I heard somewhere that’s called an ‘earworm’.)

    Robin — I’m with ya about college ball vs. NFL. Ever since the free agency revamp in the NFL, players hop from team to team, devoting themselves to whomever will pay them the most money. There’s so much more passion in college…makes it so much more exciting and fun to follow.

    Texas is playing another big one tomorrow night against Missouri. The Tigers were ranked in the top 5 until last week when Oklahoma State knocked ’em out. So it’ll surely be another good one. And then we play OK State next weekend! And then Tech, who are ranked up there this year, too! AAAGGHH!

    You have a great weekend, too! Thanks for the link!

  7. Tricia…again, a weird one! I just heard the term “earworm” the other day, for the first time. It was in a book I read, Susan Hubbard, I think! Get out of my head woman!!! LOL! My earworm is still “go meat!” God help me….

    Anxious about tomorrow and the rest of the season but excited as well. Got my UT hoodie, my UT ball cap and my favorite jeans all clean and geared up for a fun afternoon! Better wear my cross trainers as much as I’ll be pacing.

    Now, I must go and actually explore your sight and then perhaps, post on my own durn sight!

    Love it!

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