Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, October 18, 2008

And now…that picture of my burning bushes



  1. I SO love that picture! Pretty bushes, Texas flag, and the other Texas flag!

  2. Oh, they are RED!! Lovely and fall looking. And I’m lmao at all your Texas parapanalia 🙂

    Cute house! I love it! It’s so nice and cozy, snuggly looking. And so neat!

  3. Yeah…it’s not that neat. If you look behind the middle bush, you can see a big ol’ weed. And on the far left of the picture are my big, tall, and very DEAD hosta stems that I haven’t cut off yet.

    My back yard is full of two-foot-tall weeds, too. Just couldn’t get out there to take care of them this summer like I wanted to. I think I’m gonna have to call in the pro’s next spring to clean it up.

    Thanks to you both, though! I’m definitely sticking out like a sore thumb around here among all the Wolverine & Spartan fans. But heck…anyone can fly their flags when they live around other fans of the same school…I think it takes cajones to do it as THE ONLY one around.

    And LC, we do have a cozy home, filled with lots of love.

  4. OMG Tricia! I thought I was going to have to call in a prescription for antibiotics! LOL!

    Very cute and did Texas not kick some major butt today? It almost wasn’t even fun (compared to last week!) You’ve got a lovely home and I have always wanted a “burning bush”….but I’ve heard the quote, “real” unquote, ones are very invasive and unruly and a general pain in the ass!

    But there’s some nice ones that LOOK like “burning bushes” and turn red in the fall and all…but don’t piss you off! Which do you have?

    If you have a question about that..PLEASE check out my BFF at, If I did that wrong you can link to her on my site…she’s in Austin btw!

    Go Texas! Tech beat A&M too, God life is good!

  5. Love it! Love it! Looks just like ‘home’.

    Blessings to you this Sunday morning.

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