Posted by: Tricia | Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who, me? Really?

I have had so much go through my mind these last couple of days that I want to blog about, and just haven’t had the time or the energy. Tonight, I’m feeling pretty good (meaning my eyelids are about 1/2 open instead of the usual 1/4). If you’ve noticed in my sidebar, I have a little more bling. Good ol’ Kendall passed his Kreative Blogger Award on to me! And of course, there are rules, or else I must forfeit my crown. First, I have to write about six things I love.

  1. This is simple. This is one I was going to write about anyway. I think it’s probably the one and only thing I love about winter (or cold weather). Sweet babies fresh out of the bath in fuzzy footie jammies. That was the IB last night. His damp hair brushed, lots and lots of Baby Magic baby lotion slathered on him (and only the original scent. It’s what my mom used on me when I was a kid, and nothing else will do for my own kids), and a brand new set of fuzzy footie jammies on. That is the epitome of snuggly, cuddly, cozy sweetness right there.
  2. I love to eat. Food is such an enjoyment to me, and I hate eating just for the sake of eating. That’s boring. No fun. I want to always eat what I crave. I am an extremely slow eater, and always have been. I think part of that is due to just my individual nature, and part is due to my desire to savor every bite and make the whole experience last. If you ever dine with me, bring your patience.
  3. I love to fly. I love airports. It’s still a grand adventure for me, and I’m so glad that the RK sees it that way, too. The IX generally hates to fly, and true to form, has a really lousy attitude about it. So I’m relieved that it was my side of it that rubbed off on the RK and not his father’s. I think Cokes taste better on airplanes, too. And I love getting lost in a book on a long plane trip…although that hasn’t happened in quite a while, given that I haven’t flown without kids much in the last decade or so.
  4. I love waking up in the middle of the night, rolling over to look at the clock, and seeing that I don’t have to get up anytime soon. That rocks.
  5. I’ve been trying keep my “Six Things That I Love” rather well-rounded, without each one being something about my kids. But they are the forefront of my life, and there’s just no getting around it. So for this one, something I love is sitting on the couch with my boys on either side of me sharing a snack and watching TV. Grapes, popcorn, whatever. That’s one of those Little Things that is so easily overlooked.
  6. This one’s still hypothetical. I love the idea of someone choosing to need me. Yes, my kids need me, but they don’t have a choice. I love the thought of someone getting to know me and deciding he doesn’t want to…no, scratch that…that he can’t live without me, telling me he’s lucky to have me, and would never let me forget it. Someone whom I bring the best out of, and who brings the best out in me. I have never experienced that. I thought I had, but…no. I know I will one day, though.

So now I pass this award on to six others:

  1. Lone Chatelaine: It’s amazing how you can have the guts to say exactly what’s on my mind sometimes when I don’t. You create such vivid images through your writing…I love it.
  2. Janie: Your heart is as big as that west Texas sky, and you would truly go to the ends of the earth to help out a friend. I want to be you when if I grow up.
  3. doozie: Girl, you find the humor in even the shittiest situations, making me work on not blowing my own shitty situations out of proportion.
  4. In_spired: You’re awesome at reminding me that home has nothing to do with drywall, nails, or shingles, and you provide me with the occasional devotional that keeps me straying too far from God.
  5. J-Fo*: You’re just hilarious.  You’re one of my newest blogging friends, and I’m already addicted.  I love how you can type whatever you’re feeling so freely and easily…that’s something I want to learn to do.
  6. Ms. Single Mama: You always have great stuff over at your place. You’ve really opened my eyes to the fact that just about every single thing I’m going through as a divorced mother is…*gasp*…normal.  You’re my blogging hero.

(*J-Fo’s blog is password-protected, after someone in her real world found her blog…it wasn’t pretty. She’s a single mom here in SE Michigan…just like me!)



  1. Glad I could make you feel a bit better Ma’am.

    Ditto on the airplane and smell of fresh babies. They don’t need to be in footie pajamas for me to smile.

  2. Yay! Thanks, Tricia! Sometimes my mouth/writing gets me into trouble, though. I think I might tick a few people off.

    Funny, though, cause I don’t really care 🙂

    You wrote some pretty descriptive words yourself here. The babies warm and clean smelling from the tub with fuzzzy footed jammies makes for a wonderful image.

    Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m listening to a best friend talk. I like that.

  3. I was going through some old posts of mine, and your name popped up! Sounds like a lot has been going on with you..

  4. Kendall — Oh, the fuzzy-footie jammies are just an added bonus. It doesn’t take much for a child to make me smile, either.

    LC — That last sentence in your comment was the sweetest thing. I’m so glad you feel at home over here.

    Hey there buff! It’s great to see you again. Thanks for stopping by!

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