Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post-frenzy Saturday

For a while now I’ve been contemplating loosening up my strict ‘anonymous’ format of this blog.  I’m not going to post my social security number or anything, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to not show off my beautiful boys!  And last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  So now, allow me to introduce you to my wonderful offspring.  Or rather, their Halloween incarnations:

I only took the IB around one circle of our subdivision, and he still managed to fill up his little purple jack-o-lantern bucket.  He got the idea of going from one house to the next pretty quick, and about halfway through he finally loosened up enough to roar for his candy.


He had a great time grabbing his little handfuls of candy and putting them into his bucket, and after a while, I could successfully prompt him to say, “Thanks!” (or rather, “Dants!” or something like that) and then he would wave his little paw and say, “Bye bye!”

Everybody wanted to give him all their candy because he was so damn cute.

His babysitter had also taken him trick-or-treating around the businesses in downtown Ann Arbor yesterday afternoon as well, so I limited his trick-or-treating activity last night to just about an hour.  When we got back home, there were still trick-or-treaters coming around, and me being the horrible, cruel mother that I am, started handing out candy from the IB’s own bucket.  He doesn’t know the difference, and besides…that’s just that much less candy I’ll have to deal with.

Yes, I am a horrible, terrible, mean & nasty mother.

The RK ended up deciding not to wear his Storm Trooper costume around the neighborhood last night, and opted for last year’s army commando costume.  My divorce judgement has the IX & I trading off Halloweens, so since the RK had worn this last year with his dad, it was new to this neighborhood.  He did wear the Storm Trooper costume at school, though, since his classmates had seen the army costume last year.

He took off with his buddies to trick-or-treat like the older, mature boy that he is.  The IB & I ran into him at a house down the block, and he mentioned how thirsty he was.  I suggested he break off from his group and run home to get some water.  Later on when we saw him again, he had decided to go back out on two wheels.  I had more than one neighbor mention to me what a genius they thought he was for thinking of that. That’s my boy.

SH was having a Halloween party that she had invited me to by email a few weeks ago.  I never RSVP’ed, and wasn’t really planning on going, but I decided to take the IB over there to see how she was doing.  I mentioned a few posts back that she had had a baby this past June, and I hadn’t even seen him yet!  We haven’t even talked since he was born.  I felt like a horrible friend most of the summer, but I started thinking about that two-way street.  I haven’t been in touch with her, but she hasn’t really been making much of an effort, either.

So it was good to catch up last night.  They seem to be doing pretty well, relatively speaking for them, anyway.  SH is the type that she always has to have something to bitch about.  She can be a lot of fun, but she’s a very negative person overall.  And frankly, I haven’t really missed that side of her all that much.

This was the best Halloween I’ve had in a long, long time. The weather was beautiful – around 70º or so during the day, and for the last day of October, the night was nice and mild, too. The streets were packed with kids and neighbors, and it was perfect. I love this subdivision for a lot of reasons, but I think Halloween is the best part about it. Both my boys had a great time, so that means I had a great time, too.

While we were out stealing candy from ‘unsuspecting homeowners’ ;-), I also ran into B, another neighbor of mine who has been wonderful by babysitting the IB for me at critical times, like when I had to go appear before the judge to finalize my divorce. Her husband C loves football, and I’ve always loved hanging out with them and their three girls. C & I can talk football for hours. So when I ran into them last night, I invited them over tonight to watch the BIG game between the Longhorns and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. She said she’d call me this morning to see if it’ll work out, and I’m hoping they’ll decide to come. I’m thinking about making my yummy Swiss enchiladas and a big ol’ pot of pinto beans.

Gotta get busy. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Oh, and…



  1. What GORGEOUS boys!! They’re every bit as good looking as I knew they’d be!!

  2. Awww….thanks! I plan to show them off a lot in the future on here…get ready!

  3. Aw! They’re so cute! I like that you decided to post pictures 🙂

    I’m sorry about the Longhorn loss. I thought about you when I saw the score on ESPN last week 😦

  4. Awww…thanks for the sympathy. I’ll be OK. They’ll be OK. We’ll all manage to get past it and move on. Somehow. 😉

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