Posted by: Tricia | Sunday, November 2, 2008

And that, my friends, is why I love football.

My heart is just about to beat out of my chest right now! I am in utter shock and completely devastated after watching the Longhorns get beat tonight. And boy, did they get beat! But that was a game for the ages, and I congratulate the Texas Tech Red Raiders on the fantastic game they played against my beloved University of Texas Longhorn football team.

Tech played the better game. Hands down. The Longhorns didn’t really show up until late in the third quarter, and even after they fought their asses off to take a one point lead with just a little over a minute left in the game, it just wasn’t enough.

Just not enough.

Yes, I am completely deflated and heartbroken right now. But I have seen the Longhorns do just what the Red Raiders did tonight, and I know exactly how all the Tech fans are feeling right now…it’s awesome. Incredible. The best natural high there is. Watching Texas win the Rose Bowl against Michigan on New Year’s Day 2004 by one point with a field goal on the last play of the game was one I’ll never forget. And then the very next Rose Bowl after that…coming from behind once again to yank the national championship right out from under USC. That would’ve been USC’s third one in a row, too. Or even just three weeks ago when it was these very same Longhorns who did to the Oklahoma Sooners what Tech just did to them. It feels amazing.

The presence of such passion for favorite sports teams I think is a wonderful thing. And there are so many lessons one can take away from playing a sport, or even just throwing one’s alliance behind a particular team. Right now Tech is celebrating the well-deserved fruits of their labor…hard work pays off. But on the other hand, the Longhorns right now are staring in the face of a soul-crushing defeat. And what they are experiencing right now can make them better men if they choose to learn the lessons that comes from such heartbreak. Yes, you can work your ass off…but sometimes, it just isn’t enough. What are you gonna do now? Give up? Play the victim? Or accept the fact that you just didn’t produce, and then look back long and hard on what you could’ve done better? When we experience such a defeat in life as the Longhorns did on the football field tonight, it’s up to us to work even harder to make sure we don’t fail again where we failed this time.

To the Texas Longhorn football team (aka My Boys): Learn from this. Remember this feeling. What are you going to take from it? How can this make you better…as a player, and as a human being?

You lost. And yes, it hurts. Like hell. I’m right there hurting with ya. Cry…let it all out. But then you wipe your tears, shake it off, and get right back to it. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be your last. (OK…it was the first time this season…but…you know what I mean.)

Games like this is why I love football. Exciting, thrilling, wonderful, horrible, amazing, miserable. Things didn’t go my team’s way tonight, but I know My Boys will come back.

They have my heart. They have my undying loyalty. I will always, always be proud to be a Longhorn.



  1. Altho I’m a grad of TTU, I’m really not a football fan. It wouldn’t have bothered me one iota if Texas had beat the fire out of them…Guess I need to be more loyal. I was a grown, married woman before I graduated and I can truthfully say…all I received from Tech was a diploma and a ‘hard time’.

  2. So football isn’t your thing. That’s cool. One could argue that you did what you went to do at Tech…get your degree, end of story…moving on with life.

    But it just so happens that I was raised in a football-crazed family. My dad got his BBA & JD from Texas, and after I decided to go there & join the Longhorn Band, I fell in love with the football team. I was at every single football game (well, except for long-distance non-conference games…they wouldn’t take the whole band to those). The team was horrible while I was in school there…we were never even invited to a bowl game the three years I was there. That’s how bad they were. But my heart was forever devoted to them anyway, and seeing them make their rise these last few years has been such a joy for me.

    I didn’t get my degree, and it’s the biggest regret of my life. I’ll probably end up going back to school at some point, but the fact that I don’t have that degree from The University of Texas will always haunt me.

    And just so you know, Texas usually does beat the fire out of Tech…this was a HUGE win for them…in fact, probably the biggest win for them in school history. They had never beaten a #1 ranked team before. (You should’ve seen the way the fans stormed the field!)

  3. Yeah…I heard all about it at SS this morning….of ALL places! A couple of devoted ex-TTU’s were there gloating.

    It’s great to see loyalty such as your’s. One of our sons-in-law is the same about his Alma Matre…Texas A & M.

    Have a great week, Tricia! God Bless you, IB, and RK….those handsome little boys!!

  4. Ugh…an Aggie.


  5. I don’t really know what you’re talking about but a “longhorn” would be good

  6. You’re taking that loss well! I commend you. I grew up in Cali and I’ve always been a huge USC fan. The year Vince Young won the championship killed me. So I know how you feel about Texas losing to Texas Tech.

    My cousin is a prof at U. Texas, btw. So you’d think I’d learn to love his team. 🙂

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