Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Consolation Prize

It turns out I ended up winning my office’s little football pool this week by going 11-4 with my picks. So I’m a cool $24 richer today!

Another thing that I’m enjoying about this is I unseated the guy who’s won the last three or four weeks in a row. And each week I’ve either come in second or been tied for second behind him. When the pool manager sent out his results email with my name at the top of the list, I sent a reply-to-all:

“Looks like the Longhorns weren’t the only ones to be upset this week.”

I think I’ll buy myself some yummy lunch today instead of going home for that boring ol’ Lean Cuisine like usual.



  1. Hooray for cash prizes!

    Nice way to rub salt in the wound there Tricia, =)

    Boo on Lean Cuisine!

    P. S. I saw the pictures of your boys. I. B. defines cuteness.

  2. Congratulations.

    Were there any allegations of fraud or intimidation?

  3. Kendall — Actually, the Lean Cuisines aren’t so bad…just boring. I’ve fallen in love with their pizzas and paninis…I load up my freezer when they go on sale for 1/2 off. Given that I’m the type who loves to eat out, it makes me feel good to save the money.

    Re: the IB…I KNOW!!!

    Hey, Pack! I was the big hero today…everyone (including me) were ready to see the king fall.

    Allegations?? Oh, heavens no…unless you count the reply-to-all that was sent a couple of weeks ago by someone who shall remain nameless that said something like, “FIX! FIX! [J] can’t play anymore!” That same person also suggested that J take us all out to happy hour with all of our money.

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