Posted by: Tricia | Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Hangover

What a frickin’ lousy day. I’ve been so exhausted all day long, and my brain has been in a perpetual state of hibernation. Sure makes doing my job hard. My desk is a mess, and I have important tasks that have gone uncompleted yet another day. My boss scolded me for not having done my weekly allottment of filing for the past three weeks. I’ve just had so much other stuff to do for real live customers, I just couldn’t set it aside to file. Sorry. Priorities.

I think I’m coming down off my Election Day high. I went and voted before I went to work, and only had to wait about 30 minutes. It made me glad to live out in the sticks when I later heard that a coworker who lives in Ann Arbor had to wait two hours. The RK got to vote in his schoolwide election, and when I got home at the end of the day, I discovered he was wearing the same little “I Voted” sticker that I was! I’ve been so disenchanted with all the nasty campaign commercials, and I’m so glad Election Day has now come and gone just for that reason. But it never fails….Election Day always makes me grateful for living in the US. What a fascinating process it is! I think the Electoral College has got to go…or at least be reworked. But watching the whole country basically stop what it’s doing and come together to elect a new leader is pretty awesome. And I’m excited to see how this particular election will go down in the history books. Just imagine…our first black President! That’s pretty cool.

I decided to cook a nice family meal for us to enjoy while we watched the returns start to come in…a new recipe I found on my HalfHourMeals widget on my iGoogle page — homemade macaroni and cheese. It took a lot longer than half an hour, though…we had to run up to the store to get a couple ingredients, then come home and put away the other groceries we had also bought (because heaven forbid we come out of the store with only what we needed when we went in), get the fresh asparagus washed and snapped, ready to steam, then prepare the smoked sausage to nuke in the microwave. We finally sat down to eat a little before 8:00! That’s one thing I hate about being a working mother…I just can’t cook meals that are ready to eat at a decent hour.

The IB was going ballistic most of the evening, and the RK had a reading project due today. So I sent him up to his room to work on it, much to the chagrin of the IB, who took up camp outside the RK’s door screaming his head off. The RK decided to carry the IB downstairs and close the baby gate to keep him there…only they both took the express route down. The RK got a big bruise on his shoulder, and the IB is sporting some road rash on the tip of and right under his cute little nose. They managed to knock the baby gate down, too. Eh…I’ve been thinking it’s time to take it down anyway. We got lucky, though. The RK has now declared the stairs evil.

He didn’t finish his project until 10:30. I got him to bed, came downstairs to write an inspiring and poignant blog post about Election Day, and fell asleep on the couch with the laptop on top of my lap until 1:00 AM.

I’ve been in such a funk at work lately, too…my work isn’t getting done like I want it to. I’m physically and mentally exhausted all the time, causing me to forget important stuff, previous dealings with customers that require follow-up, and just have an overall sense of general apathy.

It sucks. Definitely not the kind of job I want to be doing. And ya know what else sucks? Most people look forward to their workdays coming to an end. But when 5:00 rolls around, I’m usually dreading having to go home and work even more. No rest for the wicked…my workday finally ends at 9:00 (last night it was 10:30). I’ve been working on keep a cheerful attitude, even on those days when I’m dragging ass…and I have to admit, today I was pretty successful.

Update on the IX: He’s now without a cell phone. No indication his car has been repo’ed yet, and he’s planning on taking the boys this weekend.

Ann Arbor has all of two radio stations based there. One is a country station, which I love listening to when I’m in one of my country music phases, and the other is this quirky, free-spirited sort of indie station that doesn’t really have a set format. You can hear everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers (love ’em!) to Tori Amos to the Rolling Stones to Wings to John Lee Hooker. Lately I’ve been hearing this incredible Latin guitar piece played on the station quite often, so I googled the duo when I got home the other day.

I think I’m in love. Usually I want to post an audio-only clip of the music I feel compelled to share. But this you need to see.

Take a gander:

Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Latin guitar is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Virtuosity is a requirement. The tone of the music tends to be intense and festive at the same time. Simply gorgeous. It makes me happy. The next time I can adequately rationalize spending some money over in iTunes, I think that’s what it’s gonna be. If you liked that and feel so inclined, go check out their interpretation of “Stairway to Heaven.” (Yes, that “Stairway to Heaven.”)
(Rodrigo: ¿Estás casado? ¿Tienes una novia? Llameme. 😉 )

My house is a mess. I desperately needed to do laundry tonight. But at this point, I don’t care. I’m going to bed.



  1. Girl. You need a spa day! Just a little break, some quiet time will refresh you, I promise. Are IB and RK spending any time with their dad?

    You might need to cocoon up with a good book and some coffee/wine when they do, and just chill. Work is hard, and raising kids is hard, and you really do an excellent job of both.

    Remember to take a minute for you!

  2. Ditto to Janie on the spa comment and pretty much, everything else.

    I’m all electioned out now. Too much excitement and then depression when I found out the Prop 8 results. So I feel you on the Election hangover.

    – Kendall

    P. S. I caught that comment at the end. Gosh, such a flirt you are. ; )

  3. Hugs for you, Trish. I wish you could come spend a week with me. We could hang out, drink some wine, take a spa day, or even just do our own pedi’s and mani’s and sit outside in the nice autumn weather.

  4. Thanks guys. The spa will have to wait, though. For me to win that lottery that I never buy tickets for.

    I’m just in a downturn right now. I’ll bounce back…I always do.

    Kendall…he’s muy guapo! And the fact that he’s a guitar virtuoso is hhhhhhhhhhhhot. And yes…I admit it. I totally have a thing for Mexicans. Rodrigo’s the whole package!

    Re: Prop 8…yeah, I know you must be really, really bummed about that one. One step at a time. Perhaps electing a black man into the White House (har har! get it? Black man? White House? I wonder if Obama’s going to call some painters!?) needs to be enough progress for right now. One step at a time. It all can’t happen overnight.

    LC…that sounds divine! A great big ol’ bear hug right back to ya.

  5. I understand, sometimes the drudgery of everyday life just gets you down. I have no wonderful words of wisdom for you. I know you’ll bounce back, but you probably don’t want to hear that right now.

    You need to watch some really funny movies. Maybe have “frozen food week” where you just heat stuff up.

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