Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don’t mess with Mommy’s laptop.

I was on fire when I came home tonight. First thing I did, I started dinner. Yummy cream of chicken soup/rice/chicken breast casserole. And cleaned the kitchen. Folded all the laundry I managed to wash over the weekend, helped the RK with his homework, bathed the IB, read a book with the IB, and got them both tucked into their cozy beddy-byes by 9:15.

I rock.

The only dim spot of the night was when the IB flew into one of his rages, and went right for the laptop and heaved it to the floor. Mommy freaked out, spanked his butt, and he then did a ginormous face-plant right into the carpet.


Enough to bloody his nose.

When he finally picked his face up, there was a nice little trickle of blood coming out of his right nostril. Oh. My. Gosh. And then he wouldn’t let me clean him up. Just kept smearing it all over his cheek.

I certainly do hope this is just his two-year-oldness, and that he grows out of it. He pretty much has a perpetual bruise right in the middle of his forehead from slamming his head into things…the wall, the floor, the door.

I have NO IDEA where he gets this temper from. *sheepish grin*

That’s definitely something I need to work on…with the both of us. I’m pretty patient with him most of the time, but I could do better. Much better. But don’t mess with Mommy’s laptop.

After his nose stopped bleeding, and he had calmed down, he grabbed his boppy, stuck his little thumb in his mouth and snuggled with me on my lap for a while. Gave me a sweet little kiss right on my cheek. I love those moments, but definitely not what precipitates them.

When I went to put the RK to bed tonight, he mentioned Fun Fridays at school, and how he sometimes misses them because he has work he hasn’t completed yet. So I start making suggestions to him to make sure he doesn’t miss them…make an effort to keep up with work he needs to complete, ask his teacher about it on Thursday, etc.

He says, “Oh, but we already have a ‘missing work’ board.”

OK great. He agreed he’d step it up a little, though, to make sure he doesn’t miss out.

Then he gets a look on his face and says, “Awww crap!”

“What, baby?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“No, what? Tell me.”

“I’ve been forgetting to practice my trombone like I’m supposed to do. Can I count the practice I did when I first got it?”

“No,” I say, “it’s a week-to-week thing. Not retroactive. Why?”

He gets a little quiver in his voice and says, “Because I’m tired of having nothing on my practice sheet for the last three weeks.”

“Well, sweetie, there’s nothing we can do about the time you’ve missed in the past. But what you can do is make a point from now on to make sure you don’t forget to practice so your sheet isn’t blank anymore. OK? How does that sound?”

“OK, Mom.”

And cue the Full House/Danny Tanner heartstring music. The RK’s gonna have to start seriously curtailing his computer time, though. We’ll see how that goes. But I’m really starting to see him seriously take responsibility for his schoolwork & his performance. I’m loving it. He’s really starting to care about it…that’s huge progress! I’m so loving being his mom right now.

So besides our little…ahem…hiccup, the night was great. I feel like I got a lot accomplished, even though you still can’t walk straight across my floor from the weekend tornado we had.

But hey — I managed to keep my kids alive for one more day, and that’s something. (Today it was a little touch and go, though.) We actually had a real dinner, my boys have clean clothes folded and put away in their rooms, my kitchen is even clean after messing it up to cook that real dinner, and the three of us said goodnight with warm fuzzies all in our hearts.

Hold on to your hats, folks, I just might make it.



  1. Good grief, you WERE on fire! Wanna come help me with my kitchen? 😉

    *cue Mary Tyler Moore music*…You’re gonna make it after all…

    Now throw your hat in the air, girl.

  2. Girl, I’d be glad to. If it’d get me out of my own kitchen for a change!

    I’m just old enough to remember MTM…you got lucky there.

  3. My two-year-old goes into “pissed off mouse” mode, where she screams NO! at the highest pitch I’ve ever heard. I swear she could break glass. At least my computer is a desktop and fairly unbreakable.

    Sometimes she likes to come up behind me and push the power button. Its amazing the wrath that ensues after that!

  4. Ohmygosh! The IB has that same ear-splitting scream! Yikes!

  5. Ah memories! “My” girls (didn’t give birth, my best friend did but I claim them and lived with her and helped raise them through this period, we were two single freaking Mom’s!)

    You’re amazing…such a a great Mom, and don’t freak out over freaking out! Over an expensive laptop!

    My youngest, “Mugs” was nocturnal. I had her by myself (best friend in night class) during potty training. I was studying for finals and every 15 minutes she had to tee tee. She so did NOT have to tee tee, she didn’t want to be in bed. But during potty training, whadda ya say? “NO! piss the bed?” So I’d put her on the potty where she’d happily play for 10 minutes, then stick her back in bed where she would wail that she had to tee tee before falling silent. About 11:23, she had to tee tee…I put her on the potty, 10 minutes later I went to get her off and as I pulled up her pull-ups she screamed, “I’VE GOTTA TEE TEE!!!” and I spanked her bottom over the pullups. Just twice.

    Both of us were on the bathroom floor crying when Momma got home. Mugs? Because she never dreamed I’d spank her bottom. Me? Because I dreamed I’d never spank her bottom, in anger. I so didn’t hurt her and spanking is reasonable at times. But I was tired and frustrated and spanked her out of anger…she didn’t even feel it but I couldn’t believe I did it! I don’t know which one of us was more upset!

    So there….you don’t win evil parent! You’re square in the running for single parent of the year!

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