Posted by: Tricia | Monday, November 24, 2008

The week before Thanksgiving

The RK is going to be up late tonight. He’s finishing up a science experiment report that he’s had more than three weeks to do, and I didn’t hear a word about it until I went to parent/teacher conference this past Wednesday. So I tell his teacher that I’ll get his dad to help him with it over the weekend, since this is his weekend with the boys. The IX did help him with it…the first part, anyway. But the little presentation poster is what he’s working on now. When I told the RK that he was going to be working on this at his dad’s, he said,

“Awww…but I just want to go have fun on my weekends with Dad.”

So I tell him,

“Look…this project is getting done this weekend, no matter which parent you spend it with. Dad’s place isn’t supposed to be all fun…he’s your parent, too, and if you have homework over the weekends you spend with him, you do it there. That’s how it goes.”

As I’m driving back to work after meeting with the RK’s teacher, I get more and more disgusted with myself that I’ve let myself be completely oblivious to it, completely uninvolved and not doing my part as the parent of holding the RK accountable and helping him stay on task with everything going on at school.

This project was something like 30% of his grade for the first trimester.

He’s staying up tonight as long as it takes so he can turn it in tomorrow. Period.

His teacher says that he’s not very good about turning in his homework. Again…I heap all the blame on myself. I had no idea I was that out of touch! I check the class website for homework assignments everyday, and nag the RK into oblivion to make sure it gets done…but it seems to me there’s still a lot that I don’t know about. Or else I’m just not paying close enough attention.

He also has a bunch of math homework to do tonight, but right now it’s already 9:15 and he’s only about halfway done with the science thing. I guess he’ll just have to get it done over the Thanksgiving break.

The IX has the boys for Thanksgiving this year. He’s going to pick them up Wednesday night, and might possibly keep them through Sunday…I’m waiting to hear back. I’m glad they’re going with him, because at least then they’ll be with a big group of people; namely, the homewrecker’s sister and her family. I really do miss them.

As for me, I have zero plans. My mom is in Florida, and celebrating holidays just isn’t her thing anymore. She usually says she & my stepdad celebrate Thanksgiving by getting turkey sandwiches from Subway. So she’s in Florida…if she wasn’t there, she’d either be in New Hampshire, or even Texas. Might as well be the moon as far as I’m concerned.

Looks like I’ll have the house to myself, peace and quiet. No turkey, no dressing (my favorite part), no pecan pie. And no one to hang out and watch football with.

On the upside, no trashed kitchen to clean up; or if I was somewhere else, no forcing myself to stay awake at some relative stranger’s house even though my eyelids are so heavy I almost need toothpicks to hold them up. I can sleep all day long on my very own couch, in my pajamas if I want to…nothing rude or uncomfortable about that.

(That paragraph was just so I remain true to the title of this blog.)

Eh…there’s a first time for everything. So is the life of a single parent, I suppose. At least the Longhorns are playing Thursday night. And maybe this will finally be my time to get some stuff cleaned out and organized around here.

The IB was being so utterly precious tonight! He found his pockets. I had fun watching him stash little treasures in there that he wanted to make sure he didn’t lose (like the little Lego storm trooper guy). And then it was time to read before going to bed. He’s been really into this one ABC picture book. It’s a really big book (one of the RK’s old ones), so we plop down in the middle of the floor to look at it. On the insides of the covers are rows and rows of the alphabet, alternating upper and lower case on each row. So I start pointing to each letter as I sing the alphabet song, and the IB sings along with me. He doesn’t sing any of the right words, but he’s still singing! We reach the end with big fanfare, and applaud our own brilliant rendition of the ditty. Oh, how I wish I’d had the camcorder right then! I’ll definitely try to get that set up to record very soon.

And how I wish I’d grabbed the camcorder during dinner tonight when the IB was holding his little fork the grown-up way and eating his corn, and macaroni and cheese. Seriously…underhanded and everything! I really must start remembering that camcorder at such moments. And then I must teach the IB to just ignore it and continue on with his cute behavior for said camcorder. (He’s still at the phase where he wants me to flip around the viewfinder so he can see himself. I have lots and lots of video of that.)

The RK is now done with his science report, so I’m off to tuck him in. Sorry for keeping this blog a bit of a downer, but well…I’m a bit of a downer right now. That’s just how it is. I’m trying real hard to snap out of it. I feel like I’ve already wasted too much of my life being sad and stressed.


  1. If I weren’t heading to the PA to see MLH, I’d fly you down to Midland!

  2. Holidays are tough when the kids are elsewhere. I have my boys this Thanksgiving and it’s gonna be frenzied but familial and fun. When I’ve not had them, Thanksgiving has been pretty darn depressing.

    Anything you can find to do? I suggest volunteering… serving at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving has to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Any time I find myself feeling particularly glum, the best way for me to reverse that is to put some effort into helping others. Selfless services is the best natural anti-depressant that I can think of.

    > I had fun watching him stash little treasures in there that he wanted to make sure he didn’t lose (like the little Lego storm trooper guy).

    My youngest (6) does this and it’s so adorable! I love little boys’ pockets. I love having to check them when I do laundry. I love the insights into my childrens’ minds that I find hidden away in those pockets.

    Kids are so neat. 🙂

    I’m across America so I can’t actually do anything to help lift your spirits over the holiday. But I send my best wishes and Thanksgiving cheer!

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