Posted by: Tricia | Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holy crap!

So I’m going about my usual life Thursday night.  Making dinner, chasing around the IB and trying to keep him out of trouble, thinking about heading to bed nice and early.  I sit down at the ol’ laptop and notice on this blog’s statcounter that I’ve had an unusual number of hits in the last hour. “Hmmm….” I think. I go and check out the ‘referrers’ section of my stats, and see that they’re all coming from one site.

And here’s what I discovered.

If you go back to the post Monica linked to, you’ll see that I even received quite a few additional comments, the first one being her own. When I first found her comment, I hadn’t yet realized she had linked to me, I just laughed! She went off on the IX right there in the comments section of my blog! And then I come to find out she actually found my post link-worthy over on her blog.

It turns out she’s quite the presence in her corner of the blogosphere, because here’s what my statcounter graph ended up looking like for Thursday:stats-graph1

Crazy, huh?  Things are quieting back down around here now, but I have to admit…that was AWESOME!  I even noticed that I got a hit or two from being listed at WordPress’ 58th Fastest Growing Blog!  I know I have my little core of readers, and any notch added to my statcounter is greatly appreciated.  But this has definitely given me some perspective of what’s possible.

Something else kinda cool is that this blog is just mine, and nobody in my real world knows I have it.  It was so hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I discovered this…so here’s my “Look what happened to me!” story that I can only share here.  It makes me think about what it would be like if I’m able to establish my own presence in the Blog World — those I come in direct contact with would have no idea.  But I also realize that the more my Blog Identity grows, the more likely that someone I know would find it.  I’ve taken some precautions in disguising myself by using nicknames, but still…if someone really knows me and knows what to punch into a search engine, it wouldn’t be that hard at all to find this.  Or if someone in MRW happened to come across this, they wouldn’t have to be a genius to figure out who was really writing it. I guess the best I can hope for is to keep trying to fool the search bots.

I’ve mentioned before on here that I’ve considered putting some AdSense on my blog and trying to turn this hobby/therapy of mine into a source of income.  Hopefully from this incident I’ve attracted a few new regular readers, but for the most part,  I know this…er, fame (?) is more than likely fleeting.  I also realize it doesn’t necessarily have to be if I put forth some effort from my end.

So stay tuned…changes may be coming.  I’m doing my research now.  I’ll probably be redecorating around here anyway…this look has grown tiresome to me.  The only thing I hate about WP templates is that I can’t find all the features I want in one template.  That’s one thing that was better about Blogger…the only thing different from one template to the next was how it looked…all feature options carried over from one to the next.  With WP, however, I can do whatever I want with my template if I know CSS (this is true for Blogger too, but for those layman bloggers, it’s much easier to add or delete certain features).  And if I pony up some cash.  Until I’m willing to do that, I’m at the mercy of the WP gods.  But I just might write Santa for a CSS for Dummies book.

So anyway…

Last night the RK and I climbed in my bed right after I put the IB to bed and watched “The Dark Knight.”  I was completely exhausted, so I told him I’d try my hardest to last as long as I could.  I made it through more than half, and had to call it quits.  But it was a great movie, and I plan on watching the rest of it before I mail the movie back to Netflix.  Heath Ledger definitely deserves the hype, and the Oscar.

Our weekend is going to involve doing some long-overdue grocery shopping, cleaning and putting the Christmas tree up.  I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet…I’m planning on doing it all online.  I also heard on the news that December 18th, most major online retail sites will be offering free shipping!  Yeehaw!  The only thing I’m really worried about for my shopping list is finding Rock Band 2.  Haven’t even scoped it out yet.

Off to tackle MRW



  1. Tricia, I’ve sent the link to your blog to a lot of women I know, and I can tell you, they love it.
    There is a lot you write that makes others grateful for the lives they have, and one friend I have, who has lamented for years that she never got to have children, is now grateful for her freedom. NOT that you would ever wish you didn’t have the RK or the IB…no. But sometimes, the grass is not always greener, and you are showing women that motherhood “at any cost” is no bed of roses.
    I’d like to add, that I firmly believe you will marry again, if you can begin looking for the open window, rather than staring at the closed door. As I read your background, I saw that you stared at that closed door for a long time, but now I think you are starting to see the windows that surround you. Good for you.
    Lastly, I don’t believe people change that much, so your IX was probably always that way, but love blinded you. You will not make that mistake again.
    Oh, and not having your degree? Who cares? Trust me, it’s talent and attitude that will take you places in this life, NOT a degree. So, please stop thinking “less” of yourself for not getting that piece of paper. Just do what makes you happy. Like writing. Your story would make great reading in any magazine. You have a free lance writing career ahead of you. Grab it. Good luck!

  2. On your redesign, the person who did my banner does some good ones and is very inexpensive. I don’t remember the link, but it’s on my blog. They have a number of designs. She did the banner and put it up with one of the templates, then I played around with CSS a little bit. If you get the book, you should be golden!

  3. Ditto Lindy!

  4. I think there is definitely a market for your blog. You have a very good “voice” and it all flows very well. There are a lot of women AND men out there who can relate to what you’re going through because they were either raised by a single mother or are a single parent themselves.

    Go to and set up an account. That should be your first step. I don’t do advertising as my site is strictly my innate ramblings and I’m too lazy to look into it (or either too vain to consider potentially censoring myself)…but I’m thinking this could become something that could help you out tremendously.

    Mom bloggers are driving the internet and you have a twist that keeps folks coming back to check up on you.

    I’m STILL pissed about your azzhole of an EX. Humph.

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