Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My aimless musings for today

Every night when I tuck the RK in, I always ask him if there’s anything he wants to pray about. He never actually prays himself, but he’ll submit his request, and I’ll cover the bases.

It’s been snowing today since mid-afternoon, and there’s a healthy layer of snow blanketing the land. So tonight, when I asked the RK if there was anything he wanted to pray about, he gave me that look.

“You know, Mom.”

“Oh yeah. You got it.

Dear God,

Thank you for this day, thank you for our warm cozy house with our warm cozy beds. Thank you for our neighborhood and our neighbors. [The RK] has a special request for you tonight. He’d like to request that you keep the snow falling and the roads just slick enough for school to be cancelled tomorrow, but still safe enough for all the drivers that have to go out anyway…”

At this point, the RK looks at me and gives me a thumbs-up. Perfect, Mom.

One ability I think I’ve been blessed with is to maintain the mindset of a child. I know how to relate. I get what’s important to them. And I take every chance I get to validate both my boys and what they’re thinking and feeling. Even if there’s a big “But…” coming right after. For instance:

“I know homework sucks. I remember. I know. BUT…”


“I hate housecleaning, too. Lord knows I’d love to park my butt on that comfy couch snuggled up with you and the IB and watch Spongebob all day. BUT…”

And one thing we both agree on hands down is that getting up so early in the morning to get him on the bus at 7:00 AM BLOWS. We’re both pretty grumpy in the morning when our dang alarms go off. But that sweet boy…he soldiers through it with a maturity far beyond his years. Sometimes even beyond my years. It is truly a blessing to be his mother. And I tell him that all the time, too.

That’s one thing I learned from my mom.  But it was more like I learned what not to do.  She had no ability to relate to me as a teenager of the 80’s-90’s, especially since she was a teenager in the 40’s.  One time I remember planning on going out to a club having an under-18 night.  She hated the idea, wondering why we “just couldn’t go over to someone’s house and dance to records” like she used to do.  Or when I entered public school in the 7th grade after years of torment and ridicule from the rich girls at my private school…I desperately wanted to be ‘popular’.  Even now I can see how that’s a very big deal to a 12 or 13 year old girl.  Maybe even a little more so for me, since I was sort of getting a fresh start and wanted things to go differently than before.  I remember one time I mentioned that P word to her, and her response was, “Aaaggghhh.  I HATE that word.”  End of story.  Talk to the hand.

Nope.  Not with my children.

I have a wonderful bathtime fun idea for all you moms out there with little ones. Remember when you were in the hospital giving birth, and after it was all said and done, they gave you that little squirt bottle (aka “peri-bottle”) to…ahem…clean yourself up with? Hang on to it! Don’t throw it out! I’m talking hours of splish-splashing fun for that rugrat of yours who is the whole reason you have it in the first place! The IB LOVES it. He makes it rain. He squirts himself in the face with it. He squirts his belly button. And yes, he squirts me. He tries to kill all the suds. He can’t get enough of it! Best $20 (or probably more) that my insurance company ever paid.

I decided to wade slowly in from the shallow end with selling stuff on eBay. I put up the IB’s snow boots that I bought him last year, thinking I bought them big enough for him to wear this year, too; but I can’t even get them onto his feet. Oh, and did I mention that he really only had them on his feet once, maybe twice? Anyway, the auction ended tonight, and I’m pissed.


Are you kidding me? That’s it? GAH!!! I’m so discouraged. It’s not even worth it for me to go to the trouble to box them up and mail them off!

Have any of you guys done the eBay sell-off? Was it profitable for you? Any tips or tricks you can offer me? I mean I’m REALLY discouraged. I just don’t have the time or the energy to take this on if this is going to be typical.  Thanks in advance!

That is all.



  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job of raising your boys! Ugh, I remember getting up that early in the morning for school – that really sucked. One morning, after I had received several warnings from my father, a Major in the USAF, he finally got me out of bed with a glass of ice water. That was the last time I slept in late while living at home.

    As far as eBay goes, it can be really time consuming. If you’re selling something like used snow boots, it might cost you more in time (which is valuable these days, especially for a single mom like yourself) that it’s worth.

    I have told bigger ticket items on eBay with pretty good success. I sold an iPhone, unused Trac Fones, a dashboard warning light (when I was a firefighter) and some other stuff.

    If you are selling smaller ticket items, I’d recommend either a yard sale, or try Craig’s List or Facebook’s Marketplace, both of which are free!

  2. You’ve given me a new spin on how I should or could relate to my girls..especially when it comes to chores. Thanks, this may be a homerun for us.

  3. Gary — thanks for the feedback. I’d be interested to learn what that dashboard light is doing right now, wouldn’t you?

    Kelly — RAWK! That’s so awesome! I’m glad I might’ve had something even a teeninesy bit valuable to offer. Let me know how it goes, OK?

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