Posted by: Tricia | Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You’re going where?

Our bi-annual (or is it semi-annual? Which one means twice a year?) sales meeting at work is coming up not this weekend, but the next. It’s when all the sales reps from all over the company come in to powwow for a couple of days about our products, receive continuing education & training, etc. I talked about it some here. This one’s a little scaled-down, though…only the newer and ‘struggling’ reps are going to participate in some additional training to help them increase the sales for the company. Still…almost all of my favorite ones will be here. After hours, there’s always lots of socializing and drinking that goes on, and I’m right in my element. I LOVE these guys. I’ve always had such a blast for the short time they’re here.

So I asked the IX if he could keep the boys next weekend, and the reply I get is that normally he could, but…

…wait for it…

…he’s going to be in Florida.

I’m so glad to see he’s come out of his financial problems so quickly an smoothly that he can actually take a vacation.

Of course, I can’t speculate…I have no idea what the trip is for. But it’s Florida. In January.

I wanna go to Florida in January!

Yes, it absolutely kills me that even after the despicable things he’s done and continues to do, he gets to go to Florida. While I’m continuing to flip out and stress over making sure our bills gets paid.

I really do wish he’d just eat shit and die.



  1. OMG! I so get it. I really do. The first time I ever posted a comment, didn’t I say something like “you could be talking about my ex?” Again, it rings true.

    Sure pisses me off when I hear the ex complain of his money issues and then my son says how they went out to Outback Steakhouse, or he got a new 300 dollar game system, or a 54 inch TV…but he doesn’t think he can continue to pay my son’s psychiatrist’s bills or is fighting me on child support (paid a whopping 230 a month).

    I got an idea! Let’s send ’em BOTH to Florida next weekend ONE WAY, and tell em BOTH to fuck off and then eat shit and die…..

  2. *sigh* I hate this dude man…

  3. Ladies, ladies, take a breath. LOL

    First things first:
    The term “Biannual” can mean either:
    1. occurring twice a year; semiannual.
    2. occurring every two years; biennial.

    But, it’s actually a “slang” term….. if you mean twice a year, then the term “semi-annual” should be used. Otherwise, biennial is the correct term for every two years.

    Okay, English lesson over! :o)

    NOW…. about the IX. You’re RIGHT, you CAN’T speculate. So don’t…. Unless you want to make it fun:
    Perhaps it’s a free trip, like a job interview….and he’s moving there forever, and will send you big support checks from a really good job, in 2009.
    OR…it’s a weekend getaway and the g/f is paying for it (with her child support money…lol)
    Or, he’s having some kind of affair with someone else, you know, cheating on the g/f! (Swweeeet!)

    Now that you’re done with that…. FOCUS on who will watch the boys, cuz yes, you need to be with the fun people and go out and not worry about being a mom for ONE weekend.

    So…who will you get to watch the boys?

    Once that’s sewed up we can all go back to imagining fun things about the IX….. Okay?

  4. Maybe they’re going on a cruise and the security cameras will capture video of a woman in a white robe going overboard. (Was I the only one who heard that story?)

  5. I promise that live ex is better than a dead one.

    Be careful what you wish for, dear.

  6. Wow, I just read Amy’s Blog, and I’d have to agree, be VERY careful what you wish for.

  7. Lindy, thanks for the English lesson! Good to know! Asked and answered…I love that!

    Pserendipity — Isn’t that a crazy story? Now they’re saying it might’ve been a suicide…hmmm….

    Amy, I’m SOOOOO not serious about that. I don’t believe ‘wishes’ per se come true…

    I’m just utilizing one of my favorite ‘colorful’ expressions to vent my frustrations with him. I really, sincerely don’t wish for him to die. Especially since he couldn’t afford to keep his life insurance policy up. The boys and I would really be SOL.

    What about eating shit? Can I keep that part at least?

  8. Yes, wanting him to eat shit works for me! :o)

  9. I totally want to kick this guy’s ass for you! He’s such a jerk! Is he up to date on his child support? Because if he’s not, then he has absolutely NO BUSINESS going to Florida.

    Ugh! He’s worthless >:-{

    Happy New Year, sweetie šŸ™‚

  10. LC, he never even sees the money he pays me for child support. I had the court garnish them from his paychecks in our divorce agreement.

    So yes, he is all caught up.

  11. Smart girl!

  12. It sucks watching the ex do things that you can’t afford to do. šŸ˜¦ I spent the first 2 years of my divorce learning to deal with it.

    I finally realized that when I paid child support it ceased to be my money. It became hers. If my kids were being financially neglected then I would have some say about it, but otherwise the money was hers to spend as she saw fit.

    So, I watched her fly to France every year for a vacation (the boys stayed home, of course). I watched her buy big-screen TVs, new furniture, and a new car every few years. I watched her upgrade her housing to a three-bedroom with a garage & back yard, and just last year she upgraded again into an even bigger 5-bedroom with basement & garage & fenced yards; the American dream, more or less.

    Meanwhile, I can’t afford milk unless I have the boys that weekend, and I haven’t been able to afford meat for years now. I live in the smaller bedroom of a 2-bedroom apartment that I share with a roommate. My room has 4 bunk beds so that 3-5 kids and I can sleep there at once. My car’s 2 months overdue for an oil change, the tags have been expired for months now, and I’m falling further in debt each month due to student loan payments that I can’t afford to make ’cause I’ve been sick with bronchitis.

    But I am current on child support and I have been current for years.

    My older boys’ mom just got back from the annual “just her” vacation to France. Man, it’d be easy to let bitterness overcome! šŸ™‚ But instead I vent (which is this post) and sigh & shrug & appreciate the wonderful things that I have.

    I have warmth in a city that’s been getting uncharacteristically cold weather this year. I have a car that works, and I can almost always afford gas for it. I have access to my kids, and a place for them to stay when they are with me. I have friends, and I’m healthy, and I enjoy so many more luxuries than 90% of the world… so just ’cause my ex-wife gets to live lots higher on the hog doesn’t mean that I’m being shafted by karma, somehow.

    Sometimes, though, I do wish that she’d eat shit.



    Like the fact that I have no life to speak of and he doesn’t care to call or come see his children except when he feels like it, but I somehow suspect he’s moved in with a new girl and her kid.


    But seriously, I feel very sorry for her.

    Enjoy the booze and the company, sounds well deserved!

  14. Oh wow! I’ve seen both sides of your coin (from an observor’s perspective anyway!)

    Yes, he should eat shit and die. If not, feed it to him.

    Then Scott has a point, but it sounds like Scott got raped big time.

    My BFF and I raised her girls without benefit of child support (she’s going after him now though! When the girls were small she wouldn’t send him to jail! All bets are off now, they are 22 and 19 and hasn’t even sent a birthday card for 15 years!) We know how tough it is…and how money can’t take the place of watching these beauties grow into amazing people.

    Then, my SE has a 14 year old son that I write the child support for every month. Truly, it’s not enough to raise a child on…and she knows she can call me and I’ll spring for wrestling shoes, football shoes, whatever….but it annoys the hell out of me that she lives in a house behind her parents while SE’s child lives with his grandparents…she works part time at a truck stop! And still manages to get a weekly manicure, a semi-new sports car, and get her hair cut and colored with a standing appointment. And C gets none of that and told we don’t do anything for him. But what can you say? I”m not about to tell him we send money every month and yada yada…it’s for his care, rent, groceries, and yes, car payments. But when she works part time and doesn’t even FEED him?! Burns me up. It’s not the money, it’s the Mom.

    And then I jam a baseball cap on my head and jump in a semi and go haul shit for a living because we are trying to make our businsess work and I don’t have time for a haircut! Yeah, we have more money than she does…we work for it.

    And yeah, we tried to get him to live with us…he didn’t dig the fact that he was supervised, for the one week he was here. So, that’s the view from my side!

    And the view from my side is you are NOTHING like SE’s ex….you’re an amazing Mom getting a bad break from hell!

    Get someone you trust to watch those precious babies and go have fun. I have no doubt, someday, you’ll be on top looking down, looking fabulous, laughing your ass off….and having the respect and love of your sons! You go girl!

  15. I have been reading your blog. I love the fact that through adversity you’re coming out on top. There were a few tear sparks here and there.

    Plus tell you ex to suck it. What an ass.

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